Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Commander-in-Chief Obama: Too busy; no time

At his recent retirement ceremony, four-star General David Petraeus, wearing ten rows
of ribbons that attest to his long and distinguished Army career in the service of the United States, couldn’t help but notice that neither the President and Commander-in-Chief or the Secretary of Defense were in attendance.

Now, would someone please tell me precisely what in the Hell Barack Hussein Obama
and Leon Panetta were doing at that time, that was so important to the state of the
nation that they couldn’t find the time to attend this signal event in the life of arguably the most accomplished, most revered U. S. Military leader since World War II?

Say what you will about President Obama, for all his inexperience in every aspect of the Presidency, the man knows how to hurl an insult. He is a classic narcissist who exists only to garner attention to himself; he is stunningly incapable of recognizing any event or any one who might be deserving of a moment in the spotlight. And in the case of General Patraeus, who pulled Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire in the Middle East, not once but, twice - - this snub is doubly insulting. Obama is a devout coward and his anti-military bias is nothing less than a deep-seated hatred for all branches of our armed forces - hardly a positive trait for someone who holds the title and power of, ‘President and Commander-in-Chief ’.

This example of the callous disregard for our military exemplifies the unconscionable
ignorance and arrogance of Obama and his like-minded enablers when it comes to our
national security. Is any further proof needed of the corrosive ideology of this man and his traitorous followers who despise our traditional American way of life?

Sadly, the greatest threat to our Constitution and to the freedoms we’ve known
since the Founding Fathers conceived this unique form of government, is the current
occupant of the Oval Office in the White House - in the Nation’s Capital.

We’ll have one, and only one chance to correct this blasphemy. It is the November
2012 Presidential election. My fellow Americans: Let’s not blow it.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012

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Al Lowenstein said...

What a lowlife the "Anointed One" is. He used Gen. Petraeus when he wanted justification for his military decisions, but when the general retires from the military, after years of meritorious service, he couldn't find the time to recognize his service to his country. I guess once a narcissist always a narcissist. Shame on him for his boorish behavior.

James J. Pirretti said...


You just don't understand. He was busy attending $38,000 a plate dinners that ordinary folks attend. After all, what is more important: raising more campaign ca$h or honoring a hero? Plus, he wouldn't want to send the wrong message to his Hollywood crowd, would he?