Thursday, January 12, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

INDULGE ME, please.

Permit me to pose a question that I believe deserves a seriously-considered, honest answer.

This question is for every voter who intends to vote for Obama in the upcoming Presidential Election.

That includes all Democrats, Progressives and Liberals – Jewish, Christian, Mormon, atheist, agnostic or otherwise - who are tied by their umbilical cords to the party that gave us: the FDR New Deal; the LBJ Great Society and the War on Poverty; the Fair Deal; Obama’s Hope & Change; highly-questionable Bail Outs and an ever-growing national debt that is beyond all imagination; massive joblessness; out-of-control illegal immigration and a terribly emasculated Armed Forces that will soon be incapable of defending us against the threats posed by the Chinese, Iranians, the Muslim Brotherhood and the new breed of tyrants and despots now in-training and looming just beyond the horizon.

If all the above is okay with you, then I have my answer. You are quite satisfied that our nation is secure and in good hands, the economy is perfectly fine and the burden of debt that has been transferred to your Grandchildren is perfectly okay with you.

If there is even the slightest doubt in your mind that we are desperately in need of principled, far more experienced leadership to guide our nation out of this morass - leadership that bases its actions upon the tenets delineated in The Constitution of the United States by our Founding Fathers - here is my question to you:

What would you expect to change if you give Obama another four years?

If you can find it within yourself to search your soul and seriously address this question, I’m guessing you won’t get much sleep tonight.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012

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Gary Goldstein said...

Weren't most of us brought up with the sage advice that if you do a good job you will be rewarded in some way? Well then, why do the people who support Obama for re-election refuse to acknowledge that his policies have failed and actually made things worse, not better. Only a blinded partisan can point to a major success by Obama that has made our lives better. Chuck's previous column hit the nail on the head - these Obamamaniacs are blinded to the facts by their liberal ideology.

Florida Car Insurance said...

It is amazing that a Guy who loves Marx and Alinsky could get elected the first time.