Monday, January 2, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Five Easy Pieces

When I first viewed ‘The Five’, I got the impression that FOX programmers had cobbled the show together as an experiment born of an empty idea bin. But, after watching for a few weeks, I credited them with being onto something, either through genius or dumb luck. It doesn’t matter. The various personalities and talents began to jell. And, ‘filling-in’ for a missing member of the five with a guest from a cadre of familiar-face back-ups, provides variety without losing a step in quality. Sound programming.

The concept of a round table ‘occupied’ by four bright, young, intelligent and articulate conservatives - each of whom possesses wit, an active sense of humor plus, the ability to think on his or her feet (while seated) - to serve as foils to counter the resident politico-hack and bigoted Democrat buffoon in Larry King’s suspenders, works like a charm.

The talk-over and cross-chatter is always annoying. However, the rotation of segment lead-ins by the five participants, seems to mitigate the annoyance –somewhat. The show moves as such a brisk pace that the chit-chat and ‘asides’ actually add spice to the mix. I believe this formula works quite well.

I particularly enjoy the comments I hear myself making to the TV as I join in the conversations.

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF


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Sol Lipshitz said...

The liberal buffoon Mort refers to on "The Five" on Fox is that brain-washed partisan hack named Bob Beckel. No matter what topic comes up, it's all the Republicans and Bush's fault. He missed his calling, he should've gotten a job in a charm school as a bad example.

Daytona Beach Insurance said...

Sol and Mort are correct. This Mental Midget, Beckel, calls on Obama as the smart one? I thought Beckel was supposed to be off the Drugs?