Monday, December 12, 2011

Who's Responsible?

It seems that if you listen to the T.V. News and read the local newspapers, that nobody in authority in government wants to take responsibility for anything, especially things that have gone wrong on their watch.

Just the other day, President Obama blamed the Republicans for the breakdown of the Super-Committee, but never mentioned the fact that he was A.W.O.L. the whole time this question arose about how to reduce the “non-existent” budget and subsequent debt that we had and are accumulating. He also forgot to mention that he has not had a budget passed in almost 3 years and the one time he did submit one, it was voted down by a 97-0 vote in the Senate. It seems it is always someone else's fault, mainly George W. Bush. That's how a narcissist reacts when things go wrong. It is beneath a narcissist to admit he did something wrong. Our “Campaigner in Chief” always seems to let others do the dirty work and make the tough decisions, so that if it doesn't turn out right, he has the means to deny that it is his fault. Another example was the health care debate. He let Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid carry the water on that one - and look how that turned out - 60% of the people want that law to be repealed.

Another one of the incompetents in his administration, Attorney-General Eric Holder, is another “pass the buck” player. The scandal involving “Fast and Furious”, that operation that sold guns to the Mexican drug cartels, is a prime example of how misguided policies instituted by his (Obama's) incompetent administration can cause harm to our country and to individuals employed to protect us, like a Border Patrol agent that was killed by one of those guns that was sold to the drug cartel. Even though Eric Holder is the head man in the Justice Dep't., he claims ignorance as to what went on. That answer is not credible because an operation of this magnitude had to be approved by his office and e-mails seem to back that conclusion up. He says he was unaware of this operation until only a few weeks before he was called upon, this past summer, before the House Oversight Committee. Is he a Pinocchio or what?

In addition, the office of the Attorney-General refused to prosecute the voter intimidation case brought against the “New Black Panther Party”. Career people in the Justice Dep't. wanted to go forth with the prosecution, but Holder pulled the plug. Who's responsible? Not me, said Holder!

Another of Obama's cronies, Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize physicist, was the person in charge of signing off on the Sloyndra loan guarantee debacle. He claims that the proper procedures were in place to evaluate that the loan guarantee was vetted properly, even thought the previous Bush administration had turned down the request as being too risky of an investment. Sec'y. Chu reluctantly admitted his agency made a mistake, but he played ignorant as to why it was approved in the first place. It looks like he wimped out.

Both Holder and Chu should man-up and hand in their resignations because it would be the right and proper thing to do - but, maybe they're waiting for their boss - Barack Hussein Obama, to make the first move? Lots of luck that the “Narcissist in Chief” will do that. He doesn't have the “cajones” to take responsibility for his failures - the same with both Holder and Chu. They just don't want to take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Frank Simone said...

I inherited a mess, Obama keeps on saying over and over again. He was in the Senate when decisions were made regarding spending and he voted for all of them. So he can't claim he didn't know the situation when he took office. He promised us "hope and change" and we sure got it. Now we have no hope and only change in our pockets OBAMA is responsible!

Florida Volvo said...

He is like a Drug addict or alcoholic always blaming everyone but his sad self. The sad part is too many Americans are still afraid to point out what a terrible job he has done for being called racist by the Looney left.