Thursday, December 15, 2011

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White House will not do Christmas!

Actually, the White House itself, has never ‘done’ Christmas. It has always been of course, the occupants who have gotten into the spirit of this Christian holiday and have led the nation in celebration by decorating the People’s House and hosting public ceremonies that are appropriate to the occasion.

Since the White House was first occupied by President John Adams and his wife, Abigail, there has been an unbroken stream of Presidents and their families who have celebrated Christmas in that mansion, during times of peace as well as during those periods when we were engaged in war. Since this nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, it has been taken as a matter of course that the two most significant observances of the life of Jesus Christ representing his birth and his death - Christmas and Easter - would and properly should be celebrated in the People’s House.

That is, until the ‘weird one’ President Barack Hussein Obama, initiated his crude & rude deviation from this long-established practice. He has blatantly ignored the Christmas tradition and absented himself and his family from The White House at Christmas time, leaving the gaily-decorated mansion without the presence of a President or a First Family. This is outrageous behavior on the part of a sitting President however, in light of what we have learned about Obama since his immaculate conception (un vetted election) the emerging pattern is becoming more evident. His hypocritical stance, vis a vis his observance of the tenets of the Muslim faith and his embracing of the ideology of Islam as opposed to his professed belief as a Christian, poses an ugly conundrum. What is at the core of this man whom more than half this nation’s voters elected?

The only thing I can imagine that would be worse than the President of these United States avoiding the celebration of Christmas in the White House, would be Obama the Muslim-in-Chief doing a shuck & jive ‘Taqiyya’ number by hypocritically pretending to celebrate this Christian holiday. The man is a lying S.O.B. He is a treacherous deviate in every sense of the word. He hates the freedoms that are the hallmark of our way of life. And, he has become so arrogantly reckless as to express that un-American viewpoint unambiguously, in his ever more frequent Karl Marx-like speeches.

I have no doubt that if the unthinkable happens, meaning he is re-elected for another four years - Christmas at the White House will become a thing of the past while even the most obscure Muslim celebrations will be the only quasi-religious events permitted and ‘officially’ observed in the ‘People’s House’.

Christians should be afraid. Jews should be afraid. Mormons should be afraid.

Believers in Confucius should be afraid. Atheists should be afraid. All sane people should be afraid. And, every American should definitely be afraid.

Do elections have consequences? This Jew says, “Yes, they do”.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Skip Langston said...

Since Obama claims to be a "practicing" Christian, what was his religious affiliation prior to joining the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church? Was he a Muslim or a Christian or was he an atheist? Nobody seems to know, just like we don't know about his college transcripts and his medical records. What is this guy hiding? We know everything about Newt, Mitt, Sarah, Michelle and Rick, but we don't know hardly anything about the fraud in the White House. Do we have a free and inquisitive press to vette candidates which they approve of or are they only geared to slime the people they don't like? The answer is quite obvious.

Anonymous said...

To all you atheists out there, remember "Atheism" is a non-prophet organization.