Thursday, December 8, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings.

EXTREME? Oh, golly gee.

This word ‘Extreme has been bandied about and used ‘willy-nilly’ by blabbering
Democraps since the 1980 presidential campaign. Probably, it was used prior to that
but, when it came into popular usage in the ugly world of politics really isn’t important.
What bugs me now, is the extreme mis-use and constant over-use of that term by the
extremist Democrap blabbers, on an almost daily basis. Shades of Al Gore and his
extremely monotonous droning on and on with his use of ‘lock-box’ and ‘extremist’
terminology. He was annoying and today’s Democrap purveyors of ‘extremist’
terminology are annoying.

To listen to a Nancy Pelosi, a Harry Reid or any of the other extremely uncouth,
extremely harsh irritants in the Congress using that term when describing Republicans
or Conservatives, is the ultimate in extreme annoyance. These blabbering Democraps
and each and every one of the toadies who blindly follow their inane ramblings, are
annoying to the extreme max.

I’ll be glad when they all disappear and the screen fades to black. Or, could that be
considered a racist remark? If I’ve offended anyone for any reason, I’ll be extremely

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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1 comment:

Bill Stenger said...

Mort, you seem to be extremely upset about the extreme use of the word extreme. Isn't that an extreme position to take by citing the extremists in the Democrat Party who use the the word exteme to an extreme that is extremely silly to the extreme. Since the Democrats use the word extreme to describe others they must be the one's who are the extremists. I rest my case.