Thursday, November 3, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings


Has a nice ring to it, don’tcha think?

In case it escaped your notice, Obama ‘The One - mm-mm-mm’, is in panic mode. His
Royal Narcissism must have read the news on his Teleprompter that there is a very real possibility his reign of incompetence will come to a screeching halt in November 2012.

He has brushed back the dark curtain that has heretofore obscured his true personality, his real political motivations and his inner-most core belief in the tenets of radical Islam, coupled with his expressed hatred of nearly everything that America stands for. He has thrown all pretense to the winds, along with what was at one time, at least a sham of prudent caution as would be befitting a President who gives speeches, non-stop.

He now, openly embraces dissident organizations, openly lauds anti-Capitalist-system
groups and operatives, hails pro-Palestinian terrorist groups, openly rails against Israel, openly embraces pro-Islam and Muslim Brotherhood groups, and has jumped onto
the bandwagon of the full panoply of corrupt and corrosive bands of hate-mongering,
Socialist-Communist-Marxist thugs who wish only bad things for our country.

Okay, each of you true, red-blooded American patriots - - time to stand up and be
counted as a supporter of Obama and his buddies of bankruptcy; his Democrat
blockhead enablers in the Congress; his sicko-phants who gobble up his racism,
his inexplicable bail-outs; his class warfare screeds, his Robin Hood act where he
takes from the 1% and gives to the undeserving; his Dept of Justice gun-runners and
importers of illegal aliens; his pseudo-science Environmental loonies who love snail-
darters and electric cars; his Dept of Homophobic-Homeland INsecurity; his Secretary
of negative negotiations and UN toady, Hillary the Horrid; and his resident buffoon,
Joe ‘Really Great Guy’ Biden, who is so far, the only Veep in our history who flaunts his single digit I.Q.

Oh yeah, gimme four more years of this throw-up.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Martha Stewart in Boca Pointe said...

This is OWS is the Democrats' movement, embraced by Obama and Pelosi. It is full of Racists and now Rapes and of course plenty of Property Damage. The Media babies the Protestors even after Protestors throw rocks and bottles at Police. This is what America has to look forward to?

Alan Rudolph said...

Give Obummer a break, he can't help it if he's the most unqualified President in our history. He's making Jimmy Carter look fairly competent. Can you imagine the nerve of this miscreant telling the Congess to get back to work on passing his tax increase bill, when he has attended almost 100 fund raising events over the past year? He is even sending out his wife, Moochelle, to attend fund raisers on his behalf, all on the tapayers dime. Let's hope this insanity ends in Nov. 2012.

Orange County Anchor said...

The laws need to be enforced, and if B. Hussein Obunmer doesn't have the backbone (or Brains) to do so, he's not fulfilling his oath of office and should be impeached.