Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who are the “Useful Idiots”?

That term has been attributed to Lenin, but whoever coined that phrase, it does have some relevance in today's political scene. The definition of the term “Useful Idiot”; is often used as a pejorative term for those who seem to unwittingly support a malignant cause through their naive attempt to be a force for good. To me, that is the perfect definition of a liberal.

Who else but a liberal would attempt to takeover 1/6 of our economy with a health care plan (modeled after our present Medicare plan that is going broke in a few short years) and then claim that it would not cost the taxpayer one red cent? That is a “useful idiot”.

Who else but a liberal would criticize a former president for running up the nations debt (when Bush left office, the deficit stood at $450 billion, which included the 2008 financial crash) while Obama, in his 2 ½ years in office has raised the deficit four times to $1.5 trillion. That is a “useful idiot”.

Who but a liberal, would criticize a venerated four-star General prior to initiating a “surge” in Iraq by claiming it wouldn't work and was a waste of men and money, but after it turned out to be the turning point in the stabilization of Iraq, as president, he (Obama) took credit for its success. That is a “useful idiot”.

Who but a liberal would propose and institute an $800 billion “stimulus plan” to get the economy back on track and to keep the unemployment rate below 8%, but, as it turned out, it has made the economy worse and the unemployment rate is now over 9% (16% in real terms). This is a “useful idiot”.

Who but a liberal will claim that there are “57” States of America, and who would say that the people of Austria spoke Austrian (they speak German), and that he was conceived by his parents after they participated in the march in Selma, Alabama when in fact he was born (Obama) four years earlier. That is a “useful idiot”.

Who but a liberal would be given a pass by the “Lame Stream Media” about his past associations and dealings with other “useful idiots” from his hometown of Chicago including his mentor, the race-baiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, an admitted domestic terrorist, Father Phleger, a radical Catholic priest, convicted felon Tony Rezko, Louis Farakkahn of the Nation of Islam, Van Jones an avowed communist, racial arsonist Jesse Jackson, disgraced convicted former Governor Blago, and Rashid Kahlidi a member of militant Muslim groups etc., while they go after with a vengeance conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann for petty verbal gaffes. To me, they are “useful idiots” who are mean-spirited to boot.

So yes, you could say I'm a conservative who abhors the policies of our present president, but even I (a biased observer) couldn't make these things up to point out the hypocrisy of Obama and the Democrats (liberals). The truth is the truth an no matter how you try to spin the truth, you can't change it.

The biggest danger to our great country is that we have too many “useful idiots” in important places and positions in our government. It is not the enemy from without that we should fear, it is the enemy from within (useful idiots) that we should fear. That cleansing should happen in November 2012.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Texas Life Insurance said...

The side show of Kabuki theatre which is known as the Main stream media will tear up old emails from Palin yet they will not question the White House Incumbent hanging around with Terrorists. America wants the truth not Kabuki theater.

Charlie Serge said...

Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were the present "Commander in Chief", but then I repeat myself.