Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Not the Color of His Skin, It's How Thin it is!

Have you noticed how prickly Obama becomes when he is challenged? He doesn't like to be told that he is wrong (neither do I), but he gets outright mean and sneery against an offending person. He has a very thin skin.

This upcoming presidential campaign will be one of the dirtiest on record. Mark my words. All signs point to Obama being a one-term president - the Democrats and Obama can't handle him losing in 2012. Lies, demagoguery, personal attacks and vengeance will all be part of the Obama campaign strategy. They will go down fighting like mad, especially with all the money his campaign will have raised and the money George Soros will invest in his campaign. The “Main Stream Media” will do a CYA for Obama as they have a vested interest in having him win. Whoever the Republican candidate will be, will have to fight off this barrage of money and the the MSM's insatiable desire to see him succeed.

Most likely, the “Race Card” will be trotted out by his surrogates to attempt to stifle dissent about the Messiah (Obama). In liberal, far-left circles any criticism of Obama will be met with that dreaded word “racist”, which will be thrown out, willy-nilly, to quell dissent and to intimidate. People are very sensitive about being called a racist and will try to avoid being labeled that at all costs. It has worked for the Democrats in the past, so they'll try it out again.

All those things worked in 2008 because Obama was a fresh face and little was known about him except that he was a fine orator and talked a good ballgame. He was able to “con” the majority of people into voting for him. But, this time he will have a record to run on and defend, people then will judge whether or not they want 4 more years of his administration. They way things are going now, it would be very difficult for him to be able to talk his way away from the disastrous economic news that is all around us. And since he has been unable to quell anti-American sentiment around the world, this will be another burden for him to try to overcome.

His core constituency made of blacks, gays, union bosses, environmentalists, and far-left anarchists will vote for him no matter what. He will lose some support from some of the groups that overwhelmingly supported him in 2008. These groups will include Jews, Hispanics, rank and file union members and students in college. Those defections will be just enough to turn the election against him and cause him to lose the election.

If by chance he embraces free market principles during the campaign (he's fully capable of doing that flip-flop as opposed to his present socialist policies), and be able to turn the economy around in a positive way, and by telling the people what they want to hear, not what he really believes, he might have a chance, but I think the voters realize that he is in way over his head and is leading our country down the road to perdition (hell) and they will see through his sham rhetoric and reject him.

Remember, it's not the color of his skin that's the problem, it is how thin it is.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Alfred Hurst said...

Already you've seen the Democrats on the attack. The "Politics of Personal Destruction" has been unleashed upon the Republicans by the liberal loons, who have nothing else to campaign on, as most all of Obama's policies have turned out to be a failure. Remember, after the Gabby Giffords shooting, Obama said we should tone down the inflammatory rhetoric, but his lackeys in the Congressional Black Caucus are playing the "race card" to the hilt. I hope the voters will take notice. We need real hope and change.

Rick Perry Fan said...

How can the Obama supporters support him wasting Tax Payers money to go after Sarah Palin for numerous suits that never materialized any wrong doings? Oh maybe she brought her kids on one trip with her. Meanwhile Michelle Obama spends millions of dollars that we do not have to fly around with her fake entourage.
Obama is a bully and if he were “ALL WHITE”, he would be called on being a Racist. Yet the wimpy Liberals and Progressives cower in the corner until they get attacked by a Flash Mob. Your Blog is very informative, thanks!