Monday, September 26, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings

The latest bad "Dream from my Father’s Son".

My Father never really shared his dreams with me, except that he had unreasonably high expectations for my financial success as a renowned artist. He based this bold prognostication on the pencil sketches I made all over my school book covers that were frugally fashioned from brown paper lunch bags. As far as my Dad was concerned, it was a done deal. All I had to do was become famous. Right.

This current President’s recollections of the dreams he claims to have received by way of an untaxed inheritance from his Father, are chronicled in his much heralded book on the subject. My Father left me no such inheritance and so, I’ve been obliged to conjure up dreams about his legacy to me, from my own fertile imagination.

And so it is that we come to the latest bad ‘Dream from my Father’s Son’ – that would be ‘me’.

The bad dream begins with Barack Hussein Obama winning a second term. Actually, it is more of a violently horrible nightmare than merely a bad dream. And, here’s where it gets really ugly. Just think about this - - - A second term for Barf Obama, means four more years of First Lady Michelle Obama. Let that one sink in, folks.

Among other outrages, it would mean more of those egregiously expensive boondoggling trips to exotic destinations, accompanied by all manner of pseudo-relatives and certifiably genuine hangers-on plus, an entire regiment of attendants, lackies and support ‘staff’ with all their specialized equipment and luggage. Plus of course, the requirement for a separate aircraft and for luxurious accommodations upon arrival at the exotic… always exotic destinations for the Official White House First Family pets, their specially-formulated pet food and to feed it to them, their highly-trained handlers.

And it goes without saying, that the select guests who are the recipients of the best this Administration has to offer as delivered in person by the very erudite and elegant ‘Hostess with the Mostess’, will be smothered in party favors and bling souvenirs as carry-away mementos of their heady moments shared in the company of the Supreme Madame. Need we mention that these all-expense tours are paid for with money borrowed at usurious rates of interest, from our close friends and loyal allies, the Chinese? Well actually, only about 43 cents of each dollar spent is borrowed money but, why quibble?

But let it be said that being First Lady isn’t all fun and games - - y’know. When not jetting around the globe in one of the fleet of aircraft that comprise the White House -in-the-Sky and spreading universal joy by redistributing our borrowed wealth, this First Lady brings the full force of her unelected power to bear upon some of the most weighty issues of the day.

There are serious problems to face and expensive solutions to be created in order to resolve these problems. Take for example, the nagging problem of all those overweight kids (we like to refer to them as, obese) that constitute such a glaring problem in this country. And added to that, the strange and extraordinarily dangerous eating habits of so many pale-complected Americans. Lord knows these people need some knowledgeable guidance – and quickly.

As if the burden of all these ‘official’ duties were not already enough to heap onto the fashionably-bared but overly-burdened shoulders of this long-suffering spouse of the Anointed One – there is more. The poor dear is also tasked with accompanying the ruggedly-chiseled Commander-in-Chief to such mundane functions as Memorial Services for members of our military who have been killed in action against this nation’s sworn enemies. All those generals yapping, the bugler’s ‘Taps’ tapping and all those flags flapping - can really put a damper on one’s morning.

But, let’s look on the bright side - - a light lunch of giant Gulf shrimp cocktail, a medley of White House Garden-grown veggies Tempura-style, accompanied by vintage Champagne served in Baccarat crystal stemware, topped off with a thin slice of humble pie for dessert. Ah, then back to work planning the next in a continuing series of well-earned R&R’s and ‘working’ vacations in yet, another exotic destination.

Get used to it gang, just four more years to go.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Lon Plante said...

According to the Globe tabloid, "Moochelle" Obama is worried about her husband's excessive drinking. With all the negativity surrounding him and his Administration, he is sort of unraveling and drinking more to forget his problems. Are we seeing a meltdown of the President? Maybe that's why he is striking out at his critics and friends about stopping the whining, and the complaining. A "narcissist" cannot handle defeat, and defeat is written all around him.

George Giftos said...

Another thumbs up commentary.
The Sun Sentinel will do well if they replaced Stephen Goldstein with you.

Boca Raton Homes For Sale said...

I agree with George. Mort writes much better than the dribble from the Sun Sentinel. Let us hope America turns around soon!

Florida Car Insurance said...

Mort is doing great. He obviously knows how bad the Florida Media (MSM) is.