Monday, September 12, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings

Dreams of my Father’s Son.

One day, I’ll write a book titled, “Dreams of my Father’s Son”.

Unlike a much-publicized fantasy ostensibly written by our first Muslim/African/Hawaiian/Indonesian/Questionably-American president, that purportedly described the dreams of his father, my book will be authentic in terms of my dreams.

One example of the content of my book is a recent day-dream in which I posed the following scenario: Suppose the next time a major news outlet got the bright idea to send a crew to Guantanamo, they found the base open, fully-operational and fully-staffed with all in proper order but, with no prisoners in sight. Not one.

When the news crew questioned the Public Affairs Officer regarding the lack of a prison population, the official response was, “When there are prisoners to guard,we stand ready to do the job.” When questioned about the whereabouts of the sizable contingent of terrorists picked up from Middle East combat situations, that were known to be ‘in residence’ at Gitmo, the PAO and later the Commandant of the Base, said they had just recently been transferred to this facility and there were no prisoners in the cell blocks when they arrived. However they repeated,“When there are prisoners to guard, we stand ready to do the job.”

The news crew was given a nice lunch in the Mess Hall, a copy of the Quoran was handed to each and they were delivered back to the airbase where their plane, parked next to a half dozen helicopters, waited to return them Stateside.

As they took off with their unused video gear, they were puzzled, frustrated and just a wee bit unnerved. Looking back at those helicopters parked on the tarmac, a thought crossed their minds simultaneously, like a lightning bolt - - Was it possible that those same helicopters had transported the entire prison population quietly and without fanfare, a few miles out into the Caribbean and then invited them to use the choppers as diving platforms?

That’s it. That was one of the dreams of my Father’s Son. I dream all the time.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Alan Rudolph said...

Mort, but those terrorists can't swim? You wouldn't want to be called a blood-thirsty, unrepentant extremist, would you? Well, at least the news media got their beloved Korans, in your dreams, to keep them company as they write their unbiased, objective news stories about how those terrorists were brutalized by the "evil" Americans.

Fire The Marxist said...

Mort hit the nail on the head with Questionably-American president. This Guy and his so-called Wife are the most anti-Americans to dwell in the White House. And the Left paints Dick Cheney as Darth Vader? Paint Nobama as Rev. Wright to be fair.