Monday, February 8, 2010


When you run a business and you need competent help in running that business, experience tells you that it’s very difficult to find competent people to work for you.

In evaluating the applicants or prospects (let’s say for a managerial position) you look at the experience of the prospective employee (manager) and decide whether or not he/she has the right “smarts” for the position. You want to choose someone that will be an asset to the business and who will help the business make a profit (a dirty word for liberals) and have the businesses best interests at heart. Many might apply but few are hired.

Well, the same could be said in the hiring of someone in the public sector (a government job), but from the experience of what we see in how government agencies are run, it seems that the government gets the “short end of the stick” on many occasions as many government executives are either incompetent or they are lacking in the managerial skills to make the government agency run smoothly and efficiently. Many that fall into this category are political appointees as payback for support to a political party or candidate who makes the appointment.

Now, let’s take a look at Barack Hussein Obama, who applied for the greatest job (in terms of responsibility) in the world, the President of the United States. What managerial experience did he have for the job of President? Think about that for a minute in light of what he has accomplished as President up till now. Looking back on his background (or resume) – at least what we can find or that which has not been declared off-limits or that which has been closed off to public scrutiny, he has had practically no managerial experience and zero business experience to go along with it. He hasn’t even run a small business like a Dairy Queen or ever had to meet a payroll or had the acumen to strive to make a profit (again, a dirty word to him and the Democrats). Now he’s running multi-billion dollar corporations, like car companies and banks. He gives credence to the so-called “Peter Principle”, that incompetence is rewarded on certain occasions in business or government.

Being a “Community Organizer” (another term might be a community “rabble-rouser”) and an Assistant Law Professor and an Illinois State Senator (who voted “present” 130 times) and a U.S. Senator for 1 ½ years, doesn’t seem to give him the practical knowledge and experience to make the political and economic decisions that are needed in these tough times. Even his top advisors and people in his administration have limited business experience as they are mostly all lawyers, government bureaucrats and academics. A recent study has shown that only 8% of the people surrounding him have had any private sector business experience at all, the lowest amount of any previous president in history.

His decisions, during a deep recession, to propose new taxes, announce that he will let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2011 and to have the government take over auto companies, banks and our health care system, are all decisions that are contrary to good business practice. It is the poison pill that sends shivers down the spine of our private businesses. They need tax relief not more taxes. They need less onerous government bureaucratic regulations, and they need a business climate that gives incentives for entrepreneurs to prime the pump and invest in new businesses or to expand existing businesses. That will create the good jobs that are desperately needed today. Make work government jobs do not add to our GDP, private sector jobs creating something of value like goods or services are what we need. What Obama is doing now is prolonging the recession, not alleviating it. He really has no clue. He is the “Pied Piper of Cluelessness”.

So, if you were a business owner and knowing what you know about Obama and how he operates and the policies that he is promoting, would you hire him to run your business? I think I know the proper answer, unless you are a Kool-Aid drinking Obama “idol worshipper” who is blinded to reality by the man’s so-called charisma, in that case you would. May I suggest that you sell your stock first as that company will be headed for a Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy proceeding post haste? Too bad Donald Trump couldn’t use his famous catch-phrase, “You’re fired” when it comes to Obama, and save us from the lunacy of his insane policies.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Anthony said...

He did have some experience at managing people. He worked with ACORN!

James J. Pirretti said...

Last night I saw a reality show in which the President of Waste Management performed various jobs in the field for one day. He did one job that I believe Obama is totally qualified to perform: cleaning porta potties! His infectious smile and happy disposition is a plus. In addition, he could give his teleprompter a well deserved rest.