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Climategate: Inhofe Raises the Temperature

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Senator James Inhofe calls for Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, and the EPA, to respond to the "crisis of confidence" in the IPCC's CO2 findings.

February 11, 2010 - by Charlie Martin

Senator James Inhofe has just turned up the heat on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — the UN NGO that is responsible for collecting and reviewing the evidence for anthropogenic climate change — and its chairman, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri.

Wednesday afternoon, Senator Inhofe gave a Floor Speech (Click Here) in which he summarized the rapidly accumulating evidence of severe flaws in the IPCC assessment reports, along with the other issues uncovered by the release of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) emails.

Inhofe, a long-time critic of the evidence for anthropogenic global warming and of the “cap and trade” carbon exchange schemes, used his floor speech to point out to the Senate that the IPCC report included the infamous “2035″ date for the disappearance of glaciers from the Himalayas — which the IPCC has now been forced to retract.

As Inhofe put it, the Obama administration considers the IPCC reports the “gold standard” of climate change science, but the continuing revelations about flaws in the science have led to a “crisis of confidence” in the IPCC process. This followed Inhofe having built an igloo with his family and marking it “Al Gore’s New Home” after the record-breaking Washington, D.C., blizzard this week. (An effort for which he and his whole family were nominated
“Worst Person in the World” by Keith Olbermann.)

Inhofe’s speech didn’t directly call for any particular action on the part of Congress, but it did point out that the Obama administration has asserted that if a cap and trade bill doesn’t pass, it could achieve similar effects by a simple finding by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that carbon dioxide is a pollutant — a finding the EPA actually made late last year. However, as Inhofe pointed out in his on-floor remarks, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson had testified to his committee that the CO2 finding was largely based on the IPCC reports.

Inhofe noted that Pachauri had testified on climate change in front of his committee, saying:

Dr. Pachauri should come clean and respond directly to the numerous charges made against himself and the IPCC. Given that Dr. Pachauri has testified before Congress, including the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, we should hear directly from him as soon as possible as to how he can salvage the IPCC’s vanishing credibility.

Charlie Martin is a Colorado computer scientist and freelance writer. He holds an MS in Computer Science from Duke University, where he spent six years with the National Biomedical Simulation Resource, Duke University Medical Center. Find him at, and on his blog at

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Ron Teunis said...

Since Al Gore "invented" the Internet, why shouldn't we believe him when he claims that man-made "global warming" is settled science?
Nevermind that a British court found 8 factual errors in his movie of fiction called, "An Inconvenient Truth" (it should really be called "A Convenient Lie"), or that the climate scientists at England's East Anglia University "cooked the books" to prove something that couldn't be proved, and after facing the coldest winter in recent history, we should believe that "global warming" is settled science. Duh, I think not nor should you!