Friday, January 8, 2010

The Fall of America

Like empires in the past, they collapsed from within. Political correctness will be the demise of America as we know it.

Radical liberalism has infiltrated the Democratic party, crippling civility in both houses of congress. The vicious attacks on Sara Palin and ballistic display against the "Tea Parties" is aimed at destroying the Norman Rockwell image of America. They cannot tolerate that image and their atheistic crusade is designed to eliminate our Judeo/Christian roots because their recruitment for gaining followers to their depraved philosophy a normal way is failing.

The shenanigans and payoffs during negotiating the budget, health, cap and trade and global warming was evident. The administration's idea of transparency is to bar opposition and hold these negotiation behind closed doors.

Another bone of contention is the refusal for this administration to call recent dangerous events, war against terror and its sponsors Islamic radicals, for fear of offending them.

Because of some family ties to Islam, and upbringing in his youth, his dealings with this problem is criminal and treasonous. He and his white collar Chicago bungling gangsters is changing our country of democracy into a land of idiotcracy, spinning and defending his inaccuracies and goofs and looking for ways to blame Bush for them. We should be thankful Barack wasn't president on 9/11. He would probable have explained it as an isolated event by some misinformed and disgruntled youth.

Just for this one time, let us be politically correct to ask, what is Obama's, Pelosi's and Reid's exit plan for closing Guantanamo? There is none! Moving the trial venue of these terrorists to New York and releasing others to Yemen is another case of Neville Chamberlain naivety, inexperience and appeasement to our demisers.

God, help us!

Written by George Giftos

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Floyd Jones said...

The more the liberals denigrate the motives and actions of the "Tea Party" and town hall protestors, the more they are motivating those people to get off their duffs and go out and vote for conservative candidates.
The sneery, condescending attitude, and the elitism of the liberals plus their disregard for opposing opinions, shows that the Dems/liberals will get skunked at the ballot box in November 2010. Patriotic, god-fearing people don't like to be made fools of, they will vote to clean house this coming election.