Monday, January 18, 2010


I agree with Duke Professor David Schanzer, who wrote a column in the Sun-Sentinel, that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it seems that most all terrorists are Muslims. Let me explain.

It seems that one of the biggest secrets today is the outrage by so-called “moderate” Muslims toward the radical extremists that move among them quite openly. Maybe its fear of retribution if they speak out, but their silence is deafening, notwithstanding their denials to the contrary.

Who is funding these humongous mosques that are springing up around the United States? (We have one being built right here in Pompano Beach in a non-Muslim neighborhood). Word has it that these edifices are funded by the country of Saudi Arabia (our so-called friend and ally) who also are also the one’s who supply the textbooks that are being used in the madras’s (Muslim schools) that preach hate and death to the infidels (all non-Muslims). Why do we permit this undermining of our society? Is it because of “political correctness” or guilt by the authorities in not trying to offend a particular religious group? Probably so!

One of the biggest recruiting tools, used by the radical Muslims, in trying to generate recruits, is by using our prisons and jails, especially among minority prisoners. The Imams, who “work” the prisons, find many a disgruntled inmate who is ripe to be proselytized to become a Muslim soldier when they get out of prison. We are, in effect, manufacturing our own home grown terrorists. Are we stuck on stupid or what?

You see what is happening in Europe today, who have an even greater problem than we do here in the United States, where the vocal, ever expanding minority of Muslims are pushing to institute “Shariah Law” and who threaten anyone who they deem to be “dissing” Islam, sometimes with actual physical attacks and attempted murder of the offending infidels. Look at the riots that have taken place in France in the past couple of years. It seems that “the tail is wagging the dog” and we might be the next country to be the target for these Muslim extremists.

It’s time for the so-called Muslim moderates to disown and purge these extremists from their lives and their mosques or their pleadings for being accepted for inclusion in the mainstream of American society will be just meaningless words and not positive actions.

Meanwhile, we must be ever vigilant to these attacks upon our country and we must stand up and protect our way of life without the insidious spectra of “political correctness” guiding our actions or looking over our shoulder.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Hartman said...

Europe is being Islamized. Look at how many bombings they have had due to Islamic-Fascist.
America must stop with the Political Correctness or we will be defeated!

Richard Lombardi said...

Is Islam a religion or a violent political party, hell-bent on destroying all who are non-believers? The latter seems to fit them best.
These people use our democratic principles (which they don't believe in themselves) to try to subvert our democracy and institute Shariah Law in its place. Like all dictatorial oppressors, they will milk our system of laws to gain power and once they gain power they will shut down all democratic institutions. That's one of the reasons most Muslim countries supported Hitler and Mussolini during the Second World War. They are vicious, anti-American, anti-Semetic, anti-Western, blood-thirsty world criminals and terrorists, who are playing Obama like a yo-yo, much to the detriment of our own peace and security. But, our fool in the White House can't see the evil for what it is or doesn't want to see it. God help us!

Anonymous said...

All churches should immediately clarify what an Abrahamic religion is..IT is the descendants of Abraham, ISSAC and Jacob and those Jesus adopts...There is only ONE Abrhamic religion.. Islam is a counterfeit..How else would satan claim to be god except by claiming he is the god of abraham..Maybe we would not be so political corrrect and realize we are in a battle with the devil..
Mohammed was a counterfeit of the real messiah Jesus...
Obama is a muslim.. His actions prove it..