Monday, January 25, 2010


No matter that the people are overwhelmingly against his health care bill, no matter that people think closing Guantanomo is wrong and stupid, and that conducting the governments business behind closed doors is unethical, Obama and the Democrats seem to have closed their ears to the wants and needs of the public, in other words, they’ll do what THEY think is right – the public be damned.

What arrogance!

Is Obama’s narcissism so ingrained that he really thinks he is the Messiah and that his desires and wishes take precedence over what the American people want? All signs point to that conclusion.

The totally unexpected win by Republican Scott Brown, in the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts, should have been a warning shot over the heads of Obama and the Democrats, but when you have a “tin ear” you block out any negative happenings as being just a road bump in your quest for advancing your agenda that the citizens are rejecting in masse all over the country.

Will all these “lemmings” in the House and Senate jump off the sinking ship or will they continue on their road to electoral defeat this coming November? The chances are that they will continue with their agenda as they think that they know better than the great “unwashed”, which they consider to be the voters of this republic. They completely misread the meaning of the outcries of the Tea Party and Town Hall protesters, labeling them rednecks, Nazi’s, and angry right-wingers ( and other epithets too numerous to mention). Those people along with independents and right-thinking Democrats, showed the world that trying to make us into a European-style country will not be tolerated by American public.

This “Pied Piper of Cluelessnes” (Obama) can lead or govern just so far on his charisma alone. As Sarah Peller once said in an old Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the beef”, that is the question being asked by most Americans on the policies of Obama and the Democrats. All they seem to be getting is Marxist sausage packaged as compassionate feel good gibberish.

The results in Massachusetts are another nail in the coffin, along with Virginia and New Jersey, of the arrogant Democrats, but will they listen? Only time will tell, but when you have a “tin ear”, it’s pretty hard to hear the voices of dissent.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Anonymous said...

The liberals and democrat party have ruined our nation. They are a CANCER on society. And sadly its terminal.

Tommy O'Brien said...

I was a Democrat all my life. Now I am an independent. This bunch of Hoods are ruining the Democratic Party.

Unknown said...

The Democrats are heading for defeat come November. The salvation of our great Nation has begun with the amazing election of Scott Brown as the new senator from Massachusetts, to Democrat-rats jumping the sinking ship that is the Obama presidency. Who would have thought a year ago that Uncle Teddy's seat would be won by a Republican who reminded voters that it's the people's seat not Uncle Teddy's. I'm so sick and tired of the arrogance and colossal disrespect the Demoncrats have for our freedoms and the Constitution. Cannot wait until November.
Joseph Maldonado

Gary Peters said...

The Messiah is going to propose a spending freeze. What a joke. He raises the budget amounts by up tp 24% in the present budget and then says he'll freeze that amount in the next budget. Is that fiscal insanity or what? He's going to freeze a grossly inflated figure and call that fiscal responsibility, and some of his Kool-Aid drinking followers will praise him for his prudence in fiscal matters when he should be arrested for grand theft of the taxpayers money instead. If any rational person cannot see that this former "community organizer" and Chicago thug is just a "snake-oil" salesman and fraud, than they must be stuck on stupid just like the other loony liberals who "idol worship" this narcissist in the White House.