Thursday, November 26, 2009


Do any of you really believe that if these health care proposals are passed in the Congress and signed by the President, that we will not add trillions of dollars to the deficit, and that health care will be improved for the average citizen? If you don’t believe it, then you should be taking a crash course in Economics 101? Well, that’s what the politicians (Democrats) who are pushing ObamaCare (it really should be called Pelosi-Reid Care) are trying to have us believe. Are we that stupid? Any high school student (at least a high school student with brains, like 20 or more years ago) can tell you that you can’t spend over a trillion dollars a year and 10 trillion dollars over 10 years and not raise the deficit. And in addition, not ration health care to all sectors of the population, especially its senior citizens. They both go hand in hand. It is all “smoke and mirrors” on the part of the Democrat majority to try to appease their “loony left” liberal base and to fulfill an
“unfulfillable” campaign pledge.

If you are against “ObamaCare”, you are labeled as a heartless and uncaring person because you don’t agree with the Democrat form of health care. How can you shove something, as big as a government takeover of 1/6 of our economy, down people’s throats because you won the last election? Yes, elections do have consequences, but over 60 million voters didn’t vote for Obama. Should their voices not be heard because of the election of Obama? These pieces of health care “monstrosities”, which are being debated in the Congress now, are being proposed without any input, at all, from the Republican side. Every time the Republicans tried to offer an alternative, they were voted down and the process was then continued under closed Democrat doors. Is this the transparency that Obama talked about during the campaign? Is he a uniter not a divider?

How do you figure that these cabals of Democrat lawyers (practically all the movers and shakers of these proposals are lawyers) know anything about health care, except maybe how sue a doctor for malpractice? On the Republican side we have about 5 Senators who are medical doctors. Were their input requested in the drafting of these budget-busting health care proposals? Of course, they were not lawyers like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer etc. etc. What do they know?

You will see a backlash in 2010 like you’ve never seen before, even greater than the off-year election of 1994. All those Tea Party and Town Hall protesters weren’t out there by the hundreds of thousands because they were “told” to be there, they were out in force because they realized they were being bamboozled by the far-left “Loony Tunes” crowd of pseudo - Marxist “snake oil salesmen”. We must, peacefully, show our angst by voting out of office, both Congressmen and Senators, who have put their own political party and their job security ahead of those they supposedly represent, who are you and I the taxpaying public.

We all want and need health care reform, but we don’t want or need “bad” health care reform. Just by calling something “reform” doesn’t make it “reform”. So let’s get rid of the “smoke and mirrors” and get serious by offering a bi-partisan piece of legislation that we all can agree on and not have something shoved down our throats like what is happening now. If that happens, mark my words, the voters will shove it up their butt in 2010. Now go out and do the right thing!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Jack Mulee said...

When Obama was asked if he would sign himself and his family up and join ObamaCare, if it becomes law, he refused to answer the question. If it's not good enough for him and the Congressmen and Senators, why should it be good enough for us? Have you had enough "Hope and Change" yet?

Giacomo said...

Obama and his appointees should never be allowed to work in government, much less a position of power. Yet Congressional opponents of Obama’s agenda will never get the opportunity to challenge these illegal and fraudulent “appointments” because Obama is being allowed to operate outside the Constitution.