Monday, November 16, 2009


Are we stuck on stupid, or what? The Attorney General, with the acquiescence of President Obama, has decided to try captured “illegal combatants” who were responsible for the devastation of 9/11, in our courts with all the legal protections that our judicial system offers. They will be tried in front of a jury of their “peers”, which might mean that sympathetic Muslims might be part of the jury hearing the evidence.

Is this the way we should proceed or are we giving these “evil” killers a platform to proselytize their religious and political beliefs? This ignominious decision on the part of the Obama Administration, to try these “terrorists” in our courts, maybe should be held in the Bronx Zoo instead of the Federal Court House in New York, as that is what this decision will inadvertently be encouraging by taking the prosecution out of the hands of a military tribunal. Why do we always seem to grasp defeat out of the jaws of victory by doing stupid things under the vague guise of being “fair” to our sworn enemies? Mark my words, this “show trial” will be a circus as defense lawyers will be using all the legal safeguards that our citizens are entitled to and apply them to these international terrorists (illegal combatants). Giving them Miranda rights, following the rules of evidence of how we prosecute ordinary criminals, and, as mentioned before, they will be tried before a jury of their “peers”. Does that mean that the jury pool must have a Muslim or Muslims as part of the jury panel? Remember, under our legal system, in a criminal trial, all jurors must agree on a verdict of guilt. All that is needed for a mistrial is one vote of “not guilty” to thwart the process of gaining a conviction, and in this case, giving the victims of 9/11, deserved justice. That is a real possibility when we bring this prosecution to our court system instead of trying them before a proper military tribunal.

When our present Administration refuses to use the term “terrorist” when describing members of a group of people hell-bent on killing us and anyone they consider an infidel, you know that the insidious term
“political correctness” has raised its ugly head again. What purpose, other than for political considerations, was behind this “stupid” decision? What kind of secret evidence will be exposed to the world and other terrorists during this show trial? Will our tactics in interrogation of these suspects (who have already admitted guilt) be used to discredit us in the eyes of our enemies? You and I know that we will be put in the worst possible light by the defense lawyers and the organizations that support Muslim organizations around the country and around the world. We will be made out to be the criminals and the real criminals (the terrorists) will be put forth as the victims.

I ask the question again, are we stuck on stupid, or what? The answer seems to be a resounding “yes” and heaven help us in overcoming this absurdity on the part of our elected and appointed officials. Shame on them!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Dick Mrofka said...

What reason, other than politics, is there for our government to be bringing the 5 plotters of 9/11 up to NYC for trial? Think of the millions of dollars for security that it will require for Obama to be appeasing his loony left-wing base. Everything with Obama seems to be political and I think the people are finally finding out that he is a politician, of the worst kind - Chicago-style, and not a statesman or a unifier like they hoped he would be during the campaign.