Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Government is the Door Keeper of Our Country

Believe it or not, not everyone wants America to be great again.
It began on President Obama's apology tour and has permeated
the minds of do-gooders who function on emotion rather than

Healing the nation after the damaging governance from the
previous administration is a long road ahead, because the ones
on the losing side won't accept the Constitutional results of the
election and the voice of the people, who have had enough of
political correctness and give away entitlements at the expense
of responsible citizenry.

Enclaves of mostly urban liberals keep voting self serving politicos
into leadership, whose main interest is holding on to their elected
positions by hook or crook, promising their constituent things they
don't have to earn or work for.

A contention left by the outgoing administration was the mess
it created, by not enforcing immigration laws already in the books.
A door in a home is opened when the identity of who is knocking on
it is known and accepted, keeping the uninvited out, protecting family
and possessions.

The government is the door keeper of our country. We found
dereliction of duty from the previous door keeper and did something
about it, by replacing him and revoking the free passes awarded to
his cronies, who haven't taken this lightly, resorting to throwing rocks
at windows of the new tenant and resorting to toilet papering any new
attempts to move the country forward (stalling cabinet and SCOTUS
appointments) creating mischief to hamper the progress and function
of the new administration. Hopefully they will write PC's obituary.

A country without borders ceases to be sovereign, but a land of chaos.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Bill Wexler said...

The barbarians are at the gate (barbarians ='s Liberal Democrats). The liberal "Brownshirts" are trying to stifle all dissent from college campuses to the firing and lynching of Bill O'Reilly. The Conservatives and the Republicans have got to grow a set of cajones to confront these Fascists from taking over the institutions of our country. Michael Savage was correct in stating that, "liberalism is a mental disorder". What the liberals are doing is a disgrace and is Un-American. Whatever these loons have against Pres. Trump should not undermine what is good for our country.