Thursday, April 13, 2017

Complacency Jeopardizes the Miracle called America

The degree of unrestrained hatred is approaching epidemic
proportion that is being fueled by the national media and
irresponsible government representatives who prey on their
contingency, mostly from down trodden urban communities.

Society classifies them as minorities by their ethnicity or race.
They are in the lower end of society because the upper end
has kept them there, to be used by these elitists politically.

Ignorance is the reason they are minority classified. They are
easily manipulated when they are told Conservatives are out
to get Santa Clause and all their free stuff is in jeopardy,
and they have a right to be mad with hate; but that madness has
reached a crescendo synonymous with insanity, reaching
dangerous levels where Madonna talks about blowing up the
White House and Snoopy Dogg takes a pop shot at an
effigy of President Trump. These examples create John Wilkes
Booths and Lee Harvey Oswalds.

K Street and responsible citizens cannot allow this to go on if
our country is to survive.

Complacency jeopardizes the miracle called America.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Gary Goldstein said...

The N.Y. Post had an article a few days ago chronicling the cities that are losing population and what area do you think came in No. 1, would you believe the N.Y. Metropolitan area (NYC and No. New Jersey) with over a one million decrease in the past 5 years? What can you deduce from that stat, would it be the Marxist/Socialist Democrats policies (who run the cities and towns) that has chased these taxpayers from the area? That's why Florida, Texas, Arizona are booming, those states are run by Republicans.