Sunday, February 28, 2016

He is His Own Man

Donald Trump's decision to run for president excited me at first,
because his rhetoric appeared to reflect my sentiments, but it has
become just rhetoric without substance, revealing a crass little
man of small character and immaturity.

Like a child, when things seem to go against him, he threatens to
sue, or break his pledge not to run as a third party candidate,
because his opponents are mean to him.

This blackmailing tactic shows he is his own man and neither a
republican nor conservative, using these designations only to
further his ambitions.

His money guarantees quid pro quos to use any means to get his
way, like eminent domain at the expense of others. His privileged
up bringing turned him into a spoiled brat.

If the last ones standing in either party are Donald Trump and
Hillary Clinton, I will trip the lever for Trump. It will not be a vote
for him, but a vote against Hillary!

So, "grow up Donald and take your thumb out of your mouth
because you are getting some of the same of what you've been
dishing out!" "We all know how wonderful you are, because you
told us so many, many times!"

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Robert Bernnett said...

Are the Republicans trying to commit political suicide? These petty personal attacks might win some votes from a few people, but it will alienate others who might otherwise be sympathetic to the cause of getting rid of the Marxist/Socialist candidates representing the Democrats. You'd think we would have learned our lesson in 2012. We are witnessing the Republicans engaging in a circular firing squad, and it might lead to an election disaster in November. Wise up Republicans, our country's survival is at stake.

Lauren said...

At first, his thumbing his nose at the PC police, his boldness when stating unpopular positions (muslim terrorists, illegal aliens out), etc. was refreshing. Now it's old, now he's like a spoiled child who thinks himself cute and is acting out to get the attention. I'm done. Have been for a while, but his liberal beliefs that GWB lied about WMDs, solidifies my choice to stop supporting Trump.