Sunday, February 14, 2016

Beware of False Idols

If I was to rate Barack Obama's presidency, I will say he has been
one of the most successful presidents our country has ever had,
because he is achieving almost everything he set out to do.
His ideological theme was to create parity between all Americans.
There are signs his efforts are working because, instead of the needy
rising to a higher level, the successful are being brought down to
their level. That's quite an equalizer, isn't it? Also, his PC policies to
suppress white supremacy has given rise to black racism to counter
white racists.

Anticipating he would do something to lower American exceptionalism,
thus easing the conscience of the world's lackadaisical socialistic ways
that have created chaos and strife, the Nobel Prize committee gave him
a medal for peace, because he promised to turn the war around in the
middle east into diplomacy and bring our troops back home, to put a
feather in his legacy, not anticipating it will leave the area more chaotic
and vulnerable for the tyrants, who he and the United Nation refuses to
identify as terrorists.

His work for peace continues by inaction and meager lip service in
support for those involved in opposing and fighting ISIS and other
belligerent violators of the sovereignty of other nations.

Although his manipulative agendas have been successful with much of
media's support, his governance has been wrong more times than any
other president in our country's history.

This honored man of peace and his demagoguery who is responsible for
the death and displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent people
and separated families, is sheltered from this truth by dishonest journalism.
His disproportionate sympathy toward Islam and leftist parental influential
upbringing, as evidenced in his youth, has been at the expense of
Judeo-Christian tenet. The foundation of our Constitution.

There have been many successful leaders in the past, that when scrutinized,
are now scorned today for their accomplishment. The glory for their country
diminished forever. Let us hope it is not too late to reverse the damage this
incompetent individual is creating.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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