Thursday, September 17, 2015

What is She Hiding?

Poor Hillary Clinton, now the “vast right-wing conspiracy” is after her again, trying to derail her coronation as the Democrat candidate for president. I guess the “vast right-wing conspiracy” was just waiting to cause her to use a private e-mail account against State Department rules? I guess the “vast right-wing conspiracy” told her to accuse (wrongly) an obscure film maker of producing an anti-Islam video that caused a spontaneous attack on our embassy compound in Benghazi that resulted in the murder of 4 Americans (one of which was our ambassador)? I guess the “vast right-wing conspiracy” caused her to erase 30,000 e-mails from her private account, claiming that they were personal messages between her and her husband and messages concerning the upcoming wedding of her daughter? (If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you).

Yes, the “vast right-wing conspiracy” is relentless in savaging the Simon-pure Clinton's, don't you think?

The dilemma for the Democrats is that they “put all their eggs in one basket” by attempting to plan a coronation for Hillary as their nominee for president. It was a “fait- accompli”, but it has not worked out so well for the Democrats, as scandal after scandal has arisen over her conduct as Secretary of State, and her campaign and candidacy seems to be imploding right before our eyes. What are the powers-to-be of the Democrats going to do if she goes up in flames? Would they support a 73 year old avowed socialist (Bernie Sanders) as a replacement and who seems to need a charisma transplant? Or a failed former Mayor of Baltimore and former Governor of Maryland (Martin O'Malley)? Or are they waiting for gaffe-prone Joe Biden to jump in to save the party? Over the past 30 years, the “Teflon Coated” Clinton's have skirted the law by using their political clout to stymie all the scandals that have surrounded them from Arkansas to the White House and beyond. Maybe this time the law will finally catch up with them, but, knowing the Clinton's, don't bet on it. They still have people in high places (bureaucrats, politicians, judges, and celebrity fat-cats) who are beholden to them and who will try to protect them at all costs.

The Clinton's, especially Hillary, are not looked upon by the electorate as being honest and trustworthy - the latest poll put her at 60% negative rating for honesty and trustworthiness. Does that portend a winning resume for the presidency? Her husband, jokingly called Slick Willie during his public life, was known for parsing words and gaming the system, as he tried to excuse his sexual dalliances with various women who have accused him of unwanted sexual advances, including rape. A mere mortal would've had his public and political life ruined with those accusations, but with the Clinton's, it was always some else's fault or it was the “vast right-wing conspiracy”, again and again.

Now it seems that “the chickens are coming home to roost” and they will finally have to pay for the consequences of their actions. As the old saying goes, “they can run but they cannot hide”.

So the answer to our headline of “What is She Hiding”, will probably be answered after the Justice Dep't. and the F.B.I. conclude their investigations, and the “Teflon” Clinton's may finally be brought to justice (is that wishful thinking?).

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Arft said...

Does any sane person believe that Hillary Clinton erased 30,000 e-mails because they were personal and not job related? These sycophants of the Clinton's, think that everyone who disbelieves her is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy against the Clinton's. Is that why they think that that is why people think she is a liar, dishonest, and untrustworthy? She could be caught on camera of stealing from a bank and then claim that she was just making a withdrawal. The Clinton's are a left-wing crime enterprise which has conned the Democrats into supporting them no matter what they do or say. Can Joe Biden announcing his candidacy be far behind?