Sunday, September 27, 2015

I'm Only Human

Everything in the universe has a reason and relationship for its
existence. Anyone disclaiming this cannot deny a greater power
beyond human comprehension exists and is involved in its creation.
Call it what you may, but most of the human race refer to it as God
in their own vernacular. Even atheists in denial, believe in some way,
the unbelievable, because they can't explain the why of existence.
The why and how didn't just happen without some kind of divine

In our little world, in the top echelon of nature called humans, a
conflict exists between good and evil. There are stories of
unbelievable kindness and sacrifice by some people toward others,
and some abominable deeds by humans against their fellow man
(beheading Christians and incinerating people alive; the harvesting
of healthy fetuses to process for profit).

Here on earth, the human brain is the core of the behavior
mechanism that triggers all that happens in our and other's lives.
When we question the existence of God, it is because of the bad
things that happen, and acknowledge His existence when things
go our way.

It is extremely perplexing to try to figure out the behavior of others,
let alone ourselves. Psychiatry can only try to figure the cause of
mood swings and sometime, unpredictable erratic actions.

The Bible, old and new testament, is the manual for the Jewish and
Christian faiths. As with all written and rewritten history, the Bible
was interpreted, written and carried down through the ages by mere
mortals by a few of corrupt reputation, leaving parts under question
by some. But undeniably, there is no question about its intent for the
betterment mankind.

The faithless are self absorbed and think themselves above people
of faith; but extremism on both sides of the coin manifests the ills
plaguing our country and the world, down to our everyday dealings
with those around us, and even within family.

We are not all born equal, so it is a fallacy to think that condition can
be changed. Through compassion we can make it better for those
less fortunate not born with ideal physical or mental attributes.
Mistakenly, for their own vanity, many more fortunate individuals
give handouts rather than opportunity to those in dire need, which
diminishes their ambition and dignity and promotes resentment. It
maintains the superiority separation between them. The sad part
is, a smitten society looks up to them, publicizing their phoniness as
trend setting, but, they are not the storied people I mentioned, about
unbelievable kindness and sacrifice.

Even so, wealth should not be considered evil. Only when it has been
acquired through dishonest means by manipulation in board rooms
and at a cost to others, or the security of the nation. The latter needs
no elaboration as to the notable couple I refer to.

Spheres of influence is corrupted by dishonest journalism that lends
credence for abominable survival.

With the visit of Pope Francis, it gives us pause to reflect on the
aspect of our purpose in life.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Gary Solewitz said...

Atheism is a prophet-less religion. As an aside, imagine sitting in an anti-American, anti-Semitic church for 20 years and not have any of that vile ranting rub off on you? Obama never spoke up or quit that "Black Liberation Church" of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Oprah Winfrey did). I think that's why he is so against Christianity and Judaism but praises, at every chance, the Muslims. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it must be a duck. Obama is a duck.