Sunday, July 26, 2015

What the Entitled Have to Offer

Having endured over eight decades, it gives me qualification to
comment on comparisons between the sequence of generational
behavior. A great difference oozed into the sixties; garnished with
the concert of all concerts, in a place called Woodstock, where
many participants and audience were stoned out of their minds.

It signaled the beginning of a moral and decency apocalypse.
The decay comes in many forms and sizes. A nefarious event of late,
was the disgusting behavior of somebody I never heard of, referred to
as a 22 year old celebrity formally from Boca Raton, by the name of
Ariana Grande, who tongued some donuts in a donut shop and then
proceeded to curse America. There are more like her and Justin Bieber
types, especially in entertainment, who are even less relevant to the
world than my belly button lint. Kept in the news by obnoxious media
editors, to feed the moron worshipers on a slow day for news.

And how about the ex-Florida State QB 'De 'Andre Johnson punching
a woman at a bar? Or Baltimore Raven Ray Rice knocking out his
girlfriend in an elevator. Not exactly role models for the young to

Liberal economics requires more and more revenue in order for it to be
viable. Some municipalities are resorting to raising it in a reprobate way
by legalizing and collecting tax on cannabis for recreational use. Patrons
of watering holes using this venue for their recreation, have long lived in
a haze where their life style prevents the sun from shining through. Adding
another vice to their menu increases the after midnight mischief I read
about the next morning, every day. They sully our country's exceptionalism.
Much of this is happening with increase volume of distortion in what is
termed civil rights by the present administration, in its zeal to make it a
"one size fits all country"........ the promised change.

It has made almost everyone think they are entitled to something, from
those on welfare, on to them receiving obscene compensation for what they
have to offer.

My first decade of life started in a great world wide depression. Many of our
neighbors were legal immigrants whose only hope was a job to support
their family, because their old world ethic saw government assistance to be
shameful, unlike today, when government assistance is just not enough for
a life style they seem to think they are entitled to.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Phil Vacca said...

I can remember when if you needed government assistance, it was the last resort as getting a government handout was to be avoided at all costs. Then the liberals took over and passed the"War on Poverty" and it has been downhill ever since. One out of three Americans are now getting some form of government assistance as many feel that they are entitled to a "government handout". That might be good for the liberal Democrats, but it is a plague on the country as a whole. Too many people today rely on the government to sustain them instead of them sustaining themselves. Government aid should be for people who need help, not as a way of life.