Sunday, July 19, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

   With Barack Hussein Obama it’s never truly
     about the Presidency, it’s always personal.
Obama is a committed follower of Islam, first, last and always.  Note his observance of Muslim holidays, his pronouncements of his loyalties to that faith and his fanatical concern about avoiding any possible offense to Islam, real or perceived.  It is always personal with him.
He has no understanding and thus, no respect for The Constitution of the United States of America.  Any claims to the effect that he is lawyerly expert or in any way qualified to teach about that Founding Document are totally specious. He openly despises the limitations that The Constitution places on the Presidency.  He views it as a personal affront. He is thoroughly riddled with Paranoia and Narcissism
Obama has a visceral hatred for the very idea of there being three equal branches of Federal Government. He doesn’t play well with others. His idea of cohabiting  with the Legislative Branch (The Congress) and the Judicial Branch (The Supreme Court) is to obviate interaction with them, altogether.  He has no intention of consulting with the Congress rather, he views that body as a despised adversary to be kept at arm’s length with insults and threats.  Same with the Supreme Court that he enjoys insulting on a personal level, even including those among the nine Justices whom he nominated.  His arrogance is astonishing.
The Armed Forces, domestic & foreign policy, the national debt, the reeling economy, the protection of the freedoms, the welfare and the security of the people of the United States – and unbelievably, the very survival of the United States of America, itself – are all very far removed from his first priority – that priority? The manufacture of his own personal legacy. Did I say that it is always personal with Obama?  That is the hard, cold, irrefutable, undeniable fact.  
    It’s never truly about the Presidency with Obama – it’s always personal.

MORT KUFF   © 7-18-2015

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