Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where's my Medal?

My esteem has reaching a new low since Political Correctness
has become a predominate factor for liberals and progressives,
making me aware I've been missing out from receiving awards
and recognition even if some of my achievements have not been
stellar and below par. Even if you're a blundering misfit, there
are no losers, just winners and everyone gets a prize by P.C.
accordance and collectivity.

Where is my Nobel prize? What did Barack Obama, Al Gore, Jr
and Jimmy Carter do to deserve theirs? And why did Bill Clinton,
who couldn't keep his pants zipper up and lied to a grand jury be
nominated for one. It just isn't fair. I did exactly the same thing
they did....nothing, and that's just what I got, nothing!

And while we're at it, where is my fair share?

Conservative traditionalists need not apply.

Conservative commentary from George Giftos
Boca Raton, Florida

The Left = Political Correctness = Speech Control = Thought Control!

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1 comment:

Randy Simon said...

Imagine having a Presidential Library named the Bill Clinton Motel 6 and Massage Parlor? And, this guy is the esteemed elder statesman of the Democrat Party? That says something about the Democrat Party, doesn't it? George, you deserve the Cong. Medal of Honor for your cogent words about these misfits who won the Nobel Prize. By the way, didn't Yasser Arafat win one?