Thursday, May 16, 2013

“Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil”

This maxim or proverb, that originated in 17th century Japan (using 3 monkeys as symbols), seems to aptly apply to the administration of Barack Hussein Obama. In the Western world, the phrase is often used to refer to people who deal with impropriety by “turning a blind eye” to it , or as someone with a lack of moral responsibility by looking the other way or by feigning responsibility. Does Obama meet that criteria?

The three major scandals (so far) of the Obama Administration, the fingerprints of that proverb are all over Fast & Furious, the Benghazi attack, and the I.R.S. targeting conservative groups for harassment.

Listening to Obama and his hand-picked spokesmen, they really adhere to the phrase, hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil, in order to deflect from their incompetence, ineptness, and possible dereliction of duty.

Of course, in the case of Fast & Furious, no one of importance in the White House or the Attorney General’s office knew that guns were being shipped to Mexican drug cartels - according to them, it was all done by lower level administration people. But, in the meantime, pertinent documents have been withheld that would tend to show who authorized this debacle, by using executive privilege as an excuse. Where’s the openness and transparency that he promised us in his campaigns?

When it came to Benghazi, Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, knew nothing about the lack of security at our compound and annex in Benghazi, even though memo’s were sent by Ambassador Stevens and his Ass’t. Gregory Hicks, alerting Washington of the danger months before the horrendous attack took place. After the attack, the powers-to-be told the world the attack was prompted by a stupid anti-Muslim video that no one saw. They refused, for weeks, to admit that this attack was a terrorist attack by a group affiliated with Al-Queda, and to this day, they still seem to fumble with the word “terrorist” in explaining what went on, on that fateful day of 9/11/2012. Could the ongoing presidential campaign have had anything to do with their pronouncements? Is the Pope Catholic?

Finally, Obama at a news conference with Prime Minister David Cameron, was asked when he knew about the I.R.S. targeting conservative groups for harassment? He stated, at the Monday news conference, that he only found out about it in the media like everyone else did, on the preceding Friday. Is he for real? Is he not the president of the United States? Does he not appoint the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service? Well, if you believe what he said, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

We all know that Obama was re-elected by the close margin of a little over 51% of the vote, mainly by people considered to be “low information” voters - many of them having no clue as to what the issues were and how they affected the country. Many voted for Obama because of his race, by his being verbally articulate, and many voted for him because they didn’t like Romney. To many Obama voters, the “three monkeys” of hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil, was their catchphrase and that’s how they rationalized and cast their vote. Now, we all have to suffer through an Obama second-term, thanks to them.

Obama firmly believes that he is a “Teflon president” and that anything negative about him or his policies won’t stick to him and his administration. After these 3 scandals are fully vetted, he might have a different take on his lack of transparency, and finally on his integrity. You could deduce that the proverb of “hear no evil, see no evil, or speak no evil” has been commandeered by Obama and his Administration because as another phrase so aptly describes him, “the Emperor has no clothes”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Phil Bono said...

To listen to Obama you'd think he was a lowly clerk in the White House rather than the President of the United States. He knows nothing about what's going on within his administration. It is always somebody else who has screwed up, never himself. I presume Harry Truman took the motto, "The Buck Stops Here" off the desk in the Oval Office, as Obama never sees the buck. I can remember Chuck saying that you can take Obama out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of Obama. How true. The wheels are definitely coming off the Obama administration and it's all his fault - he can't blame anyone else.