Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is Homosexuality a Normal Alternative Lifestyle?

There is no easy answer to that question. We can only surmise with conjecture what the answer might be - depending on whether you are gay or straight or open minded.

As human beings, we can “love” anyone we want to. As a heterosexual, I can see where people can love someone of the same sex, mainly as it concerns fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, other family members and close friends. It is normal to show affection in those cases, but the difference between that “love” and homosexuality is the part about sex. That is the part that homosexuals are trying to convince others that gay sex is normal, especially when it comes to same sex marriage.

Is it normal for a man to have sex with another man (anal and/or oral), and the same with females with other females? Is it a normal alternative lifestyle?

If you believe in an “almighty” creator, did he (or she) create a man and a woman differently to cause a certain happening? The human race can only survive by a man and a woman procreating to have offspring. The people in a homosexual relationship cannot procreate (unless through surrogates or artificial insemination), but they can still love one another. To get technical, the anal orifice in a man was made for “elimination”, not “injestion“. To argue otherwise, would argue that that procedure, in sexual terms, was normal. In the case of female homosexuals, they don’t have that problem, and the dangers that come from engaging in that lifestyle is generally not a concern for them. The male homosexual, due to his generally more promiscuous behavior and the type of the sex involved, is more prone to getting HIV, STD’s, hepatitis, and lower bowel problems etc., and therefore their life expectancy is generally considered to be about 10 years lower than that of a heterosexual male.

So taking all that into consideration, and the way our bodies have been formed and created, it would be quite a stretch to reasonably conclude that the homosexual lifestyle is normal and should be made comparable to the heterosexual lifestyle.

There has been a concerted push on the part of the gay community, to paint their lifestyle as just another alternative lifestyle, and that they should be given all the benefits that straight people have, especially when it comes to same sex marriage.

Most all religions, from time immemorial, do not recognize the gay lifestyle as commanding equal status, but being financially well-off and well organized, the gay community has gotten some traction in the arenas of public opinion. A lot of people who do not agree with the gay community, are cowed and threatened by the militant gays. Cries of “homophobia” or “bigot” ring out if you question their ideas or come out against what they are trying to change, and many people seem to go along to get along instead of standing up for what they truly believe. Unfortunately, the gays seem to be winning in the P.R. war. The gays who are always preaching tolerance, become very intolerant when you disagree with them. In this case, tolerance has a tendency to breed intolerance.

Nobody knows what will eventually occur in the future, but it will be contentious to say the least, on both sides.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Joe Rotondi said...

Marriage should be between people like Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Phil Tufano said...

To argue that homosexual behavior should be viewed and treated the same as heterosexual behavior suggests that you have adopted a moral position. And to call someone a bigot (or homophobe) for not agreeing with that moral position on homosexual behavior, is a moral judgment. Obviously, a person who agrees with a gay person's moral position on homosexual behavior is beyond reproach, so anyone who who disagrees or challenges that view is a bigot. Maybe they should look in the mirror and see who the real bigot is.