Thursday, March 21, 2013


Chicago born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson never loved her country until
the political gangsters of that city won the Oval Office for her husband.
He turned out to be a product of that machine, picking him for his charismatic
charm. A trait and asset needed for anybody to be an accomplished con artist.

A con artist is someone who screws the public and they thank him for it.
Part of a con job is to use props to create an image of who they really aren't.
The Obamas use their daughters a lot for this. John Gotti was a fine family
man, as was Al Capone and a list of notorious dictators. The vulnerable and
ignorant fall for the false image and are enamored by his generosity toward
them, at the expense on others. As commander in chief, the military by order,
are used as a back drop, as well as teachers, policemen, firemen and others
under Union command, for the effect that they agree with and are all behind him.

The administration's creation of sequestration was a farce to put fear into all
of us. More than 85 billion of real cuts could be made by placing a moratorium
on all conferences, seminars and pork allocated to...... you scratch my back,
I'll scratch your projects, for re-election. Cancel the President's 100 city
propaganda tour and leave Air Force One in the garage once in a awhile.
Furlough the Czars.Weed out abusers of the welfare system and take back
their cell phones. My budget doesn't allow me to own one, and I'm told, it's
because I'm not on welfare. Do all the above and this will show that most of
these mentioned can be permanentlyeliminated without hardship to anyone.

Instead of working in a bipartisan way to fix our ailing economy, Obama is
 focused on the 2014 congressional elections. His plan is to politicize and
pulverize everything those nasty uncooperative Republicans offer to save
the nation, so as to make them look bad and take back the House of

Using every means in the manual, He resorted to another photo-op gimmick,
by his personal outreach to eleven GOP senators on March 6th, inviting them
to their,"Last Supper" of deception...... they being the victims.

This will give him control of both houses in the legislature so he can make
sure to totally liberalize the Supreme Court when retirees are replaced in the
 judicial branch.This will give him a free hand to control all aspects of the
 government and our lives. Shades of the late Hugo Chavez, that will lead
us into a socialist state.

The debt doesn't bother him, or the pain he inflicts on most Americans,
because to him, renovating anything in most cases, requires you tear down
 the original structure to build over it. His blueprint for America is filled
with erroneous measurements and faulty calculations that can never pass
 inspection. If we allow it, it will give him license to destroy the document
our Founding Fathers created to prevent his intentions. And all the blood
shed in the past to build our nation of free will and hope will have been in
vain and go down in ashes.

If you love your country, you do not want to radically change it. You will
 want to share its example for the rest of the world to follow.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Paul Santoli said...

Bi-partisanship to Obama means - do it my way or the highway. This latest "charm offensive" by Obama with the Republicans, is being used by him to set up his claim that he has tried to reasson with the Republicans, but they rejected his pleas and are therefore obstructionists. Our "Liar in Chief" does nothing without first considering the political consequences of what he says or eventually what he does. He has no core values except furthering his Marxist/Socialist agenda.