Sunday, February 10, 2013

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“A stain on the soul of America”

This descriptive phrase, attributed to K.T. McFarland who served in the Reagan Administration and who is currently, a highly-respected national security expert – is a stunning commentary on the sad state in which we find our nation today.

Since the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, this country that I love has had its economy decimated by this President’s unprecedented, relentless, flagrant spending spree.  In addition, businesses large and small have been assailed by his fiscal attacks.  America’s businesses have been targeted for new and extremely burdensome taxation.  

Furthermore, the back bone of our free-enterprise system, the risk taking entrepreneurs, have been unfairly categorized as greedy and repressive of their employees.  Add to this that long-established business and social enterprises have had unsubstantiated charges of widespread racism leveled against them by this President.  He has made numerous speeches intentionally calculated to incite and exacerbate class warfare – the ‘rich’ against ‘hard-working middle-class Americans’.  This is blatant.  It is divisive.  And it is most assuredly, unworthy of the habitual repetition in pronouncements made by a President of the United States.

To my knowledge, there is no record of a more specious program of top-down policies propagated by our Federal Government than we are seeing implemented before our eyes – policies specifically designed to bring our economy to its knees.  Such animus on the part of a President and his Administration is unique; it has never before been witnessed or experienced by Americans.  The result intended, has been the creation of severe economic chaos that provides all the excuse needed by Obama in order to justify his next round of restrictive regulations.  More regulations being piled-on, leading inevitably toward a further tightening of control over the lives of our citizenry by the Federal Government.  That is the plan. That’s how it works. It’s called ‘tyranny’, Folks.  

Many of our long-established  programs – programs that formerly employed thousands of people with well-paying jobs - jobs that held the promise of longevity of employment, have been summarily killed or put on a starvation diet that guaranteed their demise in the short term.  

NASA’s space efforts for example, have been curtailed.  At least 7,000 space program jobs were lost – and another 7,000 jobs in the local area around Titusville, Florida that supported the space activity, were lost. This President suggested that NASA instead, work toward helping Muslims enhance their self-esteem.  That move was so cynical and so weird that it defies any attempt to interpret it by using accepted logic.  It did however, expose the mindset of Obama.  He is fanatically committed to his Socialist ideology.  That errant philosophy dictates that it is necessary to destroy our competitive, free-enterprise system before implementing the joys of Communist ‘wealth redistribution’.  
How very swell of this touchy-feely President.    

A deliberate and systematic shut-down of our energy industries – oil, coal, nuclear, natural gas, etc. that assures our further dependence on foreign sources for our energy needs, was a crippling move with terrible consequences for our nation.  It is inexplicable unless one believes that Obama harbors ulterior motives for our country and this is just part of his grand plan to implement our subordination to lesser nations.  Sounds terribly cynical and terribly nefarious but, can someone offer a more rational explanation?

Our military has been disrespected, ridiculed, and denigrated by this Commander-in-Chief who openly despises our men and women in the Armed Forces - while lavishing them with compliments and effusively lauding them – all with a straight face.  This is yet, another example of his egregious use of his tactic of choice – ‘Taquiyya’, the Arabic word for deception. Deception that is permissible and encouraged in the furtherance of Islam’s goal of world domination.  Someone care to offer proof to the contrary? 

In the long line of American Presidents, no parallel can be found when the Chief Executive has worked in such an opaque manner, behind such a heavy curtain of secrecy.    None has so totally ignored the established protocol between the three branches of Federal Government.  None has acted so unilaterally, without concern for the relationship between the three branches, a relationship that is so specifically defined in the Constitution of the United States.  No president has been so openly hostile or has displayed such a callous, cavalier attitude when dealing with the Legislative and Judicial branches of our Government.  Supposedly, all three branches are ‘equal’.

At every opportunity during his first campaign for the Presidency, Barack Hussein Obama reiterated his promise to change the tone of cooperation between the two major political parties.  He repeatedly swore to bring about an environment of bi-partisanship between Democrats and Republicans in our nation’s capital.  How has that worked out for us?  In my opinion  –  ‘Not so much’.  

It seems to me that this President has made it a favorite part of his daily routine, to freely castigate and point the finger of blame at Republicans in the Congress.  He has consistently charged them with being intransigent and unwilling to compromise.  ‘Compromise’ to Obama and apparently to all Democrats, means a total capitulation (caving-in) by duly-elected Republican representatives of their constituencies, to whatever cockamamie schemes the Dems are trying to impose on the American people.  

All the preceding illustrates what is meant by:   ‘A Stain on the Soul of America’.

MORT KUFF  © 2-6-2013
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Gary Goldstein said...

When the anointed one, Barack Hussein Obama, gives his State of the Union address, you'll hear all the right things, but don't let that fool you, he'll do just the opposite with his flunky's in Congress (the Democratic part). He will overuse the word "investments" which is a euphemism for more government spending. Einstein's definition of insanity applies to the Messiah to a tee, after all his previous "investments" have had little to no effect on our economy, he wants to spend more, that is the stain on the soul of America.