Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is Black Sen. Tim Scott Black Enough for the NAACP?

Apparently not according to Ben Jealous, current President of the NAACP. Jealous has claimed that Sen. Tim Scott of So. Carolina is just a “token” appointment who knows nothing about civil rights. What a racist statement for someone who represents one of the oldest black organizations in the country to make against a fellow black citizen, who now just happens to have assumed the office of U.S. Senator?

Not only does Sen. Scott have an exemplary record in both business and government, he was appointed to fill the recently vacated seat of Sen. Jim DeMint, who resigned to take a leadership position at the prestigious Heritage Foundation, he was appointed by another minority,

Governor Nikki Haley, who is Asian Indian/American. But, I guess that doesn’t mean anything to Ben Jealous, who, by the way, is of a mixed racial background himself, and who many would say could pass as a white person with no problem at all. Maybe since Sen. Scott is a few shades darker than Ben Jealous, maybe the erstwhile NAACP president is really “jealous” (yes, pun is intended) of the darker-skinned Scott?

This whole sorry episode shows that the NAACP really doesn’t represent all blacks (or negroes) since they condemn all blacks who do not toe the liberal line or who do not stay on the liberal “plantation”. It seems the litmus test for any black person is whether they agree with the liberal philosophy, and if they don’t, they are relegated to the scrapheap of the black community elite.

This hypocrisy is practiced by the same people who condemn Republicans and Conservatives of using race as a political ploy, but it seems that they are the one’s who use race to justify their condemnation of their political opponents.

Look at how other blacks have been treated by the liberals and Democrats. During George Bush’s first term, a black Colin Powell was appointed Secretary of State, he was also called a token and a “house negro”. The praise was few and far between. Later on, after he left government and he supported Obama for president, he was suddenly embraced as a true visionary and a seasoned politician - why the change of attitude? It looks the change in attitude about him was because he came back to the Democrat “plantation” and all his former “sins” were forgotten. His successor, Condolezza Rice, a black academic from Stanford, was also vilified as being a pawn of the “white man” and some vile racial cartoons were drawn depicting her negatively. It was a disgraceful display of the “double standard”.

Here in Florida, outspoken black congressman, Allen West, was routinely denigrated by the Democrats, racially, as being an “uppity black”, an Uncle Tom, and an “Oreo cookie”. The wrath of the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP came upon Rep. West and with the help of their efforts, West narrowly lost his re-election.

So, when the NAACP puts down a fellow black like Sen. Tim Scott for no other reason than he is a Republican, Conservative, or Tea Party supporter, you know that their credibility of being a sincere spokesman for blacks is very much in question.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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James Cashin said...

It really is disgusting that some of the most vociferous racists are black "leaders" like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Maxine Waters etc. who claim that they speak for black people, only one problem, who elected them to speak for all black people? It is quite disingenuous for these "spokesmen" to denigrate a fellow black person like Sen. Tim Scott, former Rep. Allen West, and former Sec'y of State Condolezza Rice etc. just because they are Republicans or Conservatives? Shouldn't the NAACP be changed to NAALCP (the National Association of "Liberal" Colored People) for that is how they act. This Pesident, Barack Hussein Obama, is one of the most polarizing figures to grace the national political scene in many years. What a shame!