Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, but..... Part 7

*Why do we spend billions of dollars on sex education and birth control, when back when I was growing up the most effective method of birth control was a girl wearing an elasticized “panty girdle”? It was as good as a chastity belt. (does that date me?).

*Why is it O.K. (according to the NYC Teachers Union) that an incompetent teacher or a teacher with disciplinary problems in the classroom, cannot be fired and still be paid $100,000 per year for not teaching, with all fringe benefits, because of the union contract that makes it almost impossible to get rid of those kind of teachers?

*Why do Democrats try to demonize the Koch Brothers, who are major campaign contributors to Conservative causes, as well as to universities and philanthropic organizations, when the Democrats and Liberals have their own million dollar benefactor who has skewed moral values (he helped the Nazi's in WW11), and a sociopathic lack of conscience (bringing down other countries currencies), by the name of George Soros? Is the word Democrat spelled, HYPOCRITE?

*Why has our government made up to billion dollar loan guarantees to so-called “green companies” which were on the cusp of bankruptcy before the guarantee, and then went belly-up after the loan guarantee? Was it a coincidence that officers in those companies were also Obama campaign bundlers? (the companies in question were Solyndra, Evergreen Energy, Beacon Power, Ener 1 Inc., Amonix Inc.)

*Why, if the people who champion the theory of evolution and claim that humans evolved from apes, never can answer the question of why we still have apes?

*Why do people believe the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when they lower the unemployment rate from 8.5% to 8.3%, when before they came up with that rate, they no longer counted as unemployed the 1.2 million workers who are unemployed but have given up looking for a job? The real unemployment rate is around 14% (counting all the unemployed).

*Why do the Democrats criticize Pres. Bush as being a big spender, which was true, but completely ignore the fact that Obama in a little over 3 years has rung up more debt than Bush did in 8 years? Obama's total is now $5 trillion and rising.

*Why do the “lame stream media” have a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, and speak-no-evil attitude in its coverage of Obama, when all the Republicans have been given an “anal exam” in all aspects of their lives?

*Why doesn't someone in the Obama Administration tell Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi that a closed mouth gathers no foot?

*Why, if the Democrats think that raising the minimum wage is a benevolent thing to do as well as being “compassionate” to the workers on the lowest end of the wage scale, do they not raise the minimum wage to $20.00 per hour or $30.00 per hour if it is so beneficial to our economy? Remember, employers don't pay their workers for the hour, they pay their workers for the value they bring to the hour, therefore, raising the minimum wage generally causes more unemployment, especially among teenagers.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Bill Rouse said...

Nobody asked me, but why do the Democrats still claim that their health care plan is going to save us money when the C.B.O. just came out with an estimate that the $900 billion ObamaCare plan is now expected to cost $1.7 trillion? That is probably on the low side if history is any example. Why is it so difficult for Democrats to tell the truth?