Monday, March 19, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Obama is outraged and frankly, so am I.

While there are major gaps in available records about the personal history of Barack Hussein Obama, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, it is an undeniable fact that he has absolutely zero military experience. Zip, nada, never, uh-uh, nary a smidge, nope, none!

In addition to his total lack of comprehension about the whys and wherefores of our military history and how we arrived at the current state of technology and personnel readiness, it must be recognized that he has a life-long antipathy toward our military.

And, since his inauguration as President, he has a documented record of systematically taking steps to neuter the effectiveness of our Armed Forces. Equally disgusting and most egregiously unconscionable, have been his attempts to cut medical care and VA benefits for our veterans. He has repeatedly proven his disdain for our military.

Don’t misunderstand, Obama is well aware of the advantages to a despotic leader of an armed brigade of thugs to enforce his dictates. Remember his statement about his desire for a civilian force that would rival our military in terms of numbers and financial support? In other words, even though he is the titular head of our military, he feels the need for a civilian army that is directly and exclusively under his control and direction. Only such a force could assure the success of his desire for social engineering in accordance with his perverted, Marxist-brand of Communist ideology.

Hmmm! What does that tell you about his ‘control freak’ leadership style and the direction in which he plans to take this nation? If he had ten terms in office, he would never be satisfied that he had enough power over this country and its citizens.

With each passing day, he seeks to consolidate and concentrate all the power of the Federal Government into his own hands. It is as clear as can be, that he plans to ignore the Constitution under which we’ve lived and prospered for more than 234 years. He intends to totally by-pass the Legislative Branch that is comprised of the Senate and House of Representatives. He expects to use the Supreme Court to rule in favor of anything he does, regardless of judicial precedent or settled law. In other words, total control is what he seeks; nothing less would satisfy his personal ambition. Even total control would never be enough for this narcissistic despot. The evil is in his DNA.

And now, to his latest outrage. It seems that an American soldier who has served this nation in four voluntary deployments in the Middle East, has been accused of gunning down 16 Afghan civilians. This news so incensed Obama that he interrupted his non-stop stream of apologies for perceived offenses programs, to interject a brand new apology to one of our staunchest allies, Afghanistan (only kidding, folks), for the as yet uninvestigated, unproven act by one of our own. In the fast-paced world in which Obama resides, there is always a state-of-emergency handy that somehow, only this President is equipped to respond to with his superior intellect and uncanny talent for instant analysis. Such is the peculiar nature of our national emergencies that there is rarely time for the niceties – like, ascertaining and verification of facts. No time for that, Uncle Jim. We must apologize to our enemies and act at once, to apprehend and punish our own. It’s the right thing to do, y’know.

Never mind that we’ve expended the blood and treasure of our ‘best of the best’ in ten years of trying to change the spots on the wild beast that is Afghanistan. While our intentions were noble, that effort has come to naught. As might have been expected, the impossibility of our valiant attempt to counter thirteen centuries of the prevailing tribal insanity of this wasteland could have been forecast by even the most casual reading of a history of that part of the world.

We were not the first to become entangled in the weirdness of that quagmire but, we’ve been the latest. And, we are continuing to pay a horrific price although, the inexplicable action of Obama has added a new dimension to our unfortunate plight. He has added to our national embarrassment , the image of a weak-kneed, cowardly, haughty and insufferably arrogant President of the world’s greatest remaining bastion of freedom - apologizing to a wretched despot for an unproven charge against an active member of our Armed Forces.

Where I come from, that is as blatant an act of treason as has ever been committed by a sitting president of these United States.

It is said that, ‘Every action has a reaction. Indiscriminate, irresponsible actions taken by this President with zero background in American history, military reality or foreign relations, have consequences. The steady stream of all-wrong-all-the-time, knee-jerk pronouncements and actions by this ambitious incompetent currently at the helm of our ship of state, are giving a new meaning to, ‘the day after’. We have a long list of enemies that includes defunct former allies – and the newer breed of countries recently taken over and dominated by the toxic leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are watching us to see how we react and respond – and not because they wish us well.

Can any rational person living in these United States today, have any doubt that the votes cast in the upcoming Presidential election, will directly result in either the survival or destruction of our freedoms and our American way of life?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012

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BillRamsey said...

What planet are Obama and Biden living on? How can they make the claims they make which goes against all that is really happening in our economy? Do they really think the citizens are that stupid? I guess they do, but when November rolls around they won't be so stupid as to vote for them again with the pitiful record they have accumulated in their 3 plus years in office.

Fool me once, same on you, fool me twice, shame on me. They are going to lose to Mitt Romney and they will be a one-term president and vice-president.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article Mr. Kuff - keep up the good work exposing the facts wherever they may lead you.

One Team One Fight

Alan said...

Mort, you're right on target. The taqiyya character in the WH is driving the United States suicide car right off the cliff. I state,knowing full well that I may be punished for my expressions, that our president is steeped in sharia law and is a true suicide bomber. His bomb laden vest is beneath his 2 grand suit.