Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Possible Fall of Egypt

I am so frustrated so exasperated at the political crap being tossed around, while bullets are flying, clubs are pounding people, blood is shed, resulting in gruesome death to many in the name of freedom and release from subjugated rule.

Our pretender in chief Barack Obama has not been a helpful advocate for peace, but has unqualifyingly helped arouse more discontent in the continuing saga of instability in Egypt by not demeaning the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and its adherents of religious sophistry most likely willing instigators of the upheaval.

His casual pretentiousness over the underlying seriousness and truth of the matter is bewildering.

President Obama has not, if at all, a conscience. He is a professional politician who had the audacity to stand at the podium this day 2/3/11 and proclaim himself a God fearing loving Christian when it has unequivocally been proven that he attended the church of his mentor and long time friend Jeremiah A Wright, Pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ for twenty years and listened to his inflammatory sermons preaching Black Liberation Technology

Would not a Pastor of true faith not speak of God warmly and lovingly, instead of God Damn America espousing hatred against white people and Jews. The inconsistency, and incompatibility of that observance is laughable He preached to his choir of which Barack Obama, wife Michelle, and two daughters were weekly participants.

Seems rather ironical that our President would not be affected by the unrelentlessness of those rabble rousing sermons, and be oblivious to their insidious inciteful intent to demoralize listeners.

Beats me. It certainly removes any validity to the sincerity of his unyielding campaign rhetorical untruthfulness. How can Barack Obama be allowed to turn this nation upside down, inside out with his manufactured bursts of passion, and newly found religiosity, yet be believable even when looking through the clouded lens of ideological useful idiots.

If we are judged by the company we keep, look no further than the Farrakhan's, William Ayers's, George Soros's, Marxists advisors known as czars, tyrannical union leaders from his community organizing days, and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who was a strong advocate of never letting a crisis go to waste to inflame a situation.

Bringing the corrupt evil Chicago Political Machine to Washington DC to administer justice and preserve Constitutional governance, is not what we had hoped for nor bargained for. Big big mistake. This unfortunately is the fly in the ointment that can, or perhaps will lead to a recurring replay of the Egyptian Crisis as we decry our state of economic insolvency and high rate of joblessness.

This President has failed the citizens of this great nation by not living up to our Constitutions ideals and principles which is endangering not only our Democracy’s freedom, but threatens our safety and security with his inexperience in foreign affairs and unqualifiable administrative ability. Class warfare and racial distinction as the credo of this administration will only continue to activate discontent

It makes one wonder during this dilemma what lies ahead for our survival and that of our ally Israel, or even other neighboring Arab Nations. Is there a stalwart patriotic warrior standing in the wings to challenge the doubtfulness of our existence, and would impeachment possibly be considered as a constitutional tool due to serious error in judgment, misdemeanor, or crime???

President Clinton was impeached because of lying in a court of law about an extra marital affair in the Oval Office, why would the current perilous State of our Union, if you remove the blindfold and think about it, be any less notable a reason than the lying heart of Barack Obamas thirst for political advantage and power.

We cannot continue to live dangerously. Two years waiting for restoration of our power and glory in the election of 2012 is a long long time.

Never letting a crisis go to waste indubitably can cause irreparable harm to our glorious Republic. Lets hope for the best, but it certainly should be food for thought.

Conservative Commentary by Helen Goodman

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