Monday, January 10, 2011

Further completion of the Corrupt Chicago Political Clan

It is unbelievable, utterly amazing, that not so little by little, the Chicago gang of corrupt political politicians and Marxist czars have infiltrated Washington DC. William Daley has now been chosen by Barack Obama to be his chief of staff replacing Rahm Emanuel who has set his sights on being Mayor of Chicago.

Are we surprised, of course not. Will it help the President get re-elected in 2012, I think not, will it change his image from a flip flopping, inexperienced unqualified ever so fortunate man who because his eloquently prescripted speeches, mesmerized the citizens into submission, and was elected to the highest office in the land entirely unprepared for the job, as has been proven by misspent governance these past 2 years.

William Daley did not do too well when chosen by Al Gore to save his bid for the presidency. I did not work then it will not work now. This complete upheaval of Barack Obama’s staff and advisors whether they left or are leaving voluntarily, or have been dismissed, is an indication of greener pastures being sought to uplift the image and spirit of this obviously damaged administration. Will Valarie Jarrett. his closest and most admired advisor leave the presidents side, who is to say at this point.

Something is rotten in Denmark as the saying goes, or is it in Washington DC. I do not see that the massive turnover of staff and cabinet will save this president. He is done, no matter the democrat allegiance, and ugly gamesmanship.

Party politics plays a huge part in protecting the President, however, it is becoming more obvious as the days get closer, and We The People have gotten wiser, that his re-election in 2012, is not written in his fortune cookie, because the citizens of this great nation have had an epiphany.

The teleprompterized prescripted speeches are ineffective, the promises spoken of so glowingly with forked tongue broken, and his radical ultra liberal progressive promise of Utopia unacceptable under the rule of our Constitution.

Enough is enough already, obviously his ad nauseum campaign speeches of two years ago now being revisited, have absolutely no merit today. We do not look forward to more cloaked legislation detrimental to our wealth and health, class warfare, and racial distinction which are not the American Way.

Attempting to subvert this nation to believe in, and accept totalitarianistic government control of our lives just is not going to work.

Those of us who are patriots with strong love of country treasure our ideals and values, who respect our Constitution, our flag, and the freedom and independence granted therein, will never relinquish those gifts granted to us by our Founding Fathers nor will we ever abandon our friends and allies especially Israel because of the mutual respect and concern we have for each other.

We are strong, the strongest nation in the world, and if this president has the ambitious longing, and intent to overthrow our democracy, by some of that agenda already infiltrating into Washington DC, he is whistling up the wrong tree.

Unfortunately, we will have to tolerate his subversive vision, his heart, and inner soul with which he is consumed, until his tenure is over, that being not a moment too soon.

Be alert, be aware, and listen carefully, with an open mind, to the assaults and insults hindering the normal functioning of our Republic, keep the faith, trust in GOD, and do not for one moment doubt the survival of our democracy.

We will prevail, because this too shall pass. A new captain, hopefully from the opposition, will be trusted to take the helm, steer our ship of state, to restore our respect and dignity in foreign nations, and will keep us here at home safe, secure, and free from malevolence, within and without.

Conservative commentary Helen Goodman

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Thomas Grimm said...

Chicago - that's Obama's kind of town. One the most corrupt cities in America was the place where Obama cut his political teeth in. All the Ward politics, the corrupt patronage system, and the home to the late Al Capone, is the legacy the Messiah has brought to the White House. As Chuck said once, "you can't polish horse manure". So true!