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My name is Jack Kasden. I am a resident of Century Village of West Palm Beach (that bastion of FDR idolatry). I am 75 years old. I was one of the founders of the first Century Village Republican Club in 2003, with the help of Sid Dinerstein and Alan Bergstein. I'd like to share some of my thoughts and concerns about our great country with you.

You know, we senior citizens are very knowledgeable about the past because we have seen so much, and therefore have an advantage over our children and grandchildren, and we can offer a plethora of advice regarding many things.

We should all be thankful that we were born when we were because our lives have been relatively peaceful. When we grew up we had very little to worry about. The depression was over and WW 2 was coming to an end. For the next 50 years, every once in a while, we gave thought about our touchy situation with the Soviets who also had nuclear weapons and may one day launch them. But, that was it. That was our biggest problem. Boy, were we lucky.

Today, our children and grandchildren are not so blessed. They have much to worry about. I feel that our nation is heading in the wrong direction. Us seniors, for the last year, have not had a cost of living adjustment added to our Social Security, and will not have one next year either (meanwhile, our Congressman have given themselves raises). For a lot of us that is not a problem, but think about the elderly nan or woman that just have their social security to fall back on and are having a difficult time meeting their expenses. How devastating that must be to them?

We are headed toward a socialist future whose consequences that we face are yet to be determined. But, I can tell you that it does not look good. ObamaCare, if not stopped, will be disastrous for seniors, especially in Florida. If that isn't enough, they also have the Muslim threat to worry about in 20 to 30 years. They are already making tremendous strides in many European countries and it is a preview of what is coming here. Just think how different things will be for our country when the Muslim population reaches close to a majority in the population?

The difference between a liberal and a conservative is that a liberal likes what is happening in Washington and will defend the present government and the choices that they made on election day two years ago. They live in the past and feel that everything will be fine as it always has been and let us not create any waves by opposing them.

The conservatives are able to determine where we are headed and see that the future is very bleak for our children and grandchildren and we worry for them. Before the election in 2008, Ed Koch came to Century Village to speak to the Democratic Club. He praised Obama and said he would make a good President and would be good for the Jewish people. Last year, he proclaimed his error in judgment and was very disappointed in him and he was very sorry that he misled so many people. The conservatives also see that health care reform will lead to panels that will determine whether people will live or die based on their age along with other factors. The government will force all health care companies to go out of business by taxing or regulating them to death. We are headed for a disastrous single-payer health care system just like Canada and Great Britain.

We are supposed to learn from history, but sometimes we are also headed on a similar erroneous path because we refuse to realize the danger that lies ahead. I digress for a moment and take you back 80 years. A young man came to power in Germany promising a revived and flourishing future for Germany and the people bought into it. He changed things for 8 years culminating in the 2nd World War and attempted the extermination of all Jewish people and others who opposed him. The people of Germany were lulled into a false sense of Utopia, and in the early 30's and after, they finally realized what was happening, but it was too late to do anything, Become part of the system or be put to death.

So do we want to become another Germany in 1930 or do we want to continue the Republic that was given to us in 1776. People must wake up or all is lost. We must be united and stand tall and work together to fight the constant daily deluge we are faced with from people trying to destroy our great nation. We must wake up just like the people in Ron Klein's Democratic stronghold did and said enough is enough and voted into office a true American hero, Allen West. I hope that is just the beginning of the real change that we need so badly.

Thanks to Chuck on the Right Side for giving me the opportunity to vent my feelings. I wish you all a very Happy New Year to one and all and let us all pray for our great country.

Conservative commentary by Jack Kasden
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tinaskullracing said...

This is a great article! Obamacare will BANKRUPT America and many Businesses. All these People who say we need to be more like Europe. Then move to Europe. The USA has a paper called The Constitution that Obama and Democrats treat like toilet paper. Our Forefathers would be sick to see what Obama and Democrats are doing to this Country.

Art Brown said...

Nowhere at present is there such a measureless loathing of their country than by educated, progrssive liberals as in America, and then they claim that they are patriotic for doing so. The"liberal elitists" are now trying to make a hero out of homosexual Pfc. Bradley Manning for stealing those top secret papers that Wikileaks is now publishing in the New York Times and other left-wing publications. Patriots, bah humbug!

Buying Boca Raton Houses said...

Ed Koch was a big reason for the last election in New York. People are tired of seeing our Friends and allies treated poorly/