Thursday, September 30, 2010


When I first saw Ron Klein in person up close, and heard him speak -the word,
"weasel" immediately came to mind.

After having witnessed him in-performance at numerous appearances since that time, this characterization has only been reinforced. So now, when I see him, that word (weasel) seems to be stenciled in bright red letters right across his chest.

After reading a recent rant against Allen West, in one of Klein's hate-filled, off-the-wall, illogical, idiotic, looney-tunes campaign diatribes, I began to think that "weasel" just doesn't fully describe this little twerp to my complete satisfaction. So, before casting about for a better word or a more precise word, I hauled out my well-worn copy of "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language" and I looked up
the word, "weasel":

1. "Any of various carnivorous mammals of the genus Mustela . . ."

Well, that certainly fits this ambulance-chasing bugger to a tee.

2. "A treacherous or sneaky person."

No argument there.

3. "To be evasive, to equivocate. To back out of a situation or commitment in a sneaky
or cowardly manner."


Well, I'll be doggone. I had the right word in the first place, didn't I?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF (c) 2010

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Benjamin said...

Hey Mort, I looked in the Dictionary and under the word "weasel" I saw a picture of Ron Klein.
He is a despicable, self-loathing Jew. Allen West is a real Hero.

Emil Sanchez said...

Upon further examination, "Weasel" Klein is just one of a family of four other weasels who go by the name of "Weasel" Deutch, "Weasel" Wasserman-Schultz, "Weasel" Hastings, and the poppa "Weasel" Wexler, who has recently retired to his permanent home in Potomac, Maryland. What we need in So. Florida is a trained animal/pest control officer to get rid of these vermin for good. Hopefully, they'll be gone on Nov. 3.