Thursday, August 26, 2010

Godly or Hypocrisy

I try to respect all legitimate world religions, but for those and some sects that are contributors to human suffering, controlled by an elite group, or condone human or animal sacrifice.

I am troubled and have questions about Islam. I hope a follower will put my skepticism to rest and enlighten me by answering these questions.

Why being allowed to wed four wives has anything to do with religion? Is a woman allowed to be wed to four husbands, and if not, why not? Can a woman become a Martyr? If yes, will 23 studs be waiting for her in paradise?

I understand the Burka has no religious significance except for expressing modesty to cover the body against roving eyes outside the family. It is a tradition devout Muslims practice. can you explain Belly Dancers? How 'bout, would you let your wife or daughters attend a Chippendale performance?

Am I wrong that Shariah law is not in the Koran, but a supplement created to suppress free thinking and like the Burka, designed to suppress women?

The Muslim world is outraged at water boarding, regarding it as torture and inhumane. Is stoning, limb amputations, decapitation for non capital crimes more humane?

Another thing I find hard to understand is why many of the ancestors of those who were rounded up in Africa by Muslims, bound and sold to white traders and shipped to America, converted to Islam. The root and faith of the their instigators and plight.

Do Muslim men consider women their equal?

Conservative commentary written by George Giftos

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Curtis Melhorn said...

Isn't it amazing that the "bleeding heart" liberal women who are championing Islam and the building of the "Ground Zero" mosque, can't or won't see that the Muslim "religion" oppresses women? For example a Muslim woman cannot leave her house unless accompanied by a male relative, is forbidden to be head of state or be a judge, can only inherit half of what a man can inherit,is not allowed to choose where she will live and who she will marry and she is not allowed to marry a non-muslim or divorce her husband. He, on the other hand, can divorce her with just the wave of his hand. Where's the outrage from N.O.W. or the A.C.L.U.?