Friday, August 20, 2010

“Dreams of My Father’s Son”

(that would be, me) by MORT KUFF © 2010

Volume No. 1

  • I dream that the nightmare that is the Obama administration will soon implode.
  • I dream that Nancy Pelosi smashes her finger with her gavel.
  • I dream that Harry Reid is sent to roam the Nevada desert alone, for 40 years.
  • I dream that Reverend Wright turns white overnight, then gets Laryngitis.
  • I dream that Dick Durbin gets run over by a former Nazi prison guard.
  • I dream that Chris Dodd’s hair turns black overnight.
  • I dream that Barney Frank gives the Clapp to John Kerry and we find out.
  • I dream that Al Sharpton runs out of pomade and he loses all his hair.
  • I dream that the two Republican Senators from Maine ‘get theirs’.
  • I dream that Chelsea Clinton inherits her Father’s moral compass.
  • I dream that Sen. Leahy steps in drek up to his puppik.
  • I dream that Hillary’s ankles get even thicker every Monday morning.
  • I dream that Gov. Crist of Florida loses his Senate race and turns really pale.
  • I dream that all three female Supreme Court Justices grow black moustaches.
  • I dream that Pennsylvania’s Governor Ed Rendell gets stomach cramps.
  • I dream that all ‘Rappers’ get arthritis in their fingers.
  • I dream that Chris Mathews gets hit in the hardballs with a microphone.
  • I dream that David Letterman and his stupid top-ten lists just go away.
  • I dream that Rosie O’Donnell gets her weight in law suits.
  • I dream that Jesse Jackson gets hustled by a bunch of white CEO’s.
  • I dream that Maxine Waters is convicted and gets sent to prison in Alaska.
  • I dream that Charlie Rangel gets the Nobel Piss Prize for Corruption.
  • I dream that Robert Gibbs has to review all his Press Conferences, to eternity.
  • I dream that Whoopie Goldberg becomes a victim of Obama’s anti-Semitism.
  • I dream that Keith Olberman has itching powder put into his under shorts.
  • I dream . . . . to be continued.

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1 comment:

Jim Ambrosio said...

Pleasant dreams Mort. Here are a few of my dreams.
I dream that putting Barney Frank in charge of Fannie Mae is like putting the fox inside the "rooster" house. I dream that Charlie Crist's marriage will last, after he loses the election for Senator, till one week after he has to move out of the Governor's mansion in Tallahassee. I dream that if Nancy Pelosi has another face lift, she'll wake up with a goatee. I dream that Obama will visit the U.S./Mexico border at least once during his term in office. I dream that the American people will wake up on Nov. 2 and throw all the bums out of office. That will be a pleasant dream, not a nightmare.