Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We’ve been told by the “loony liberal left” that America needs a “total transformation” to be led by former Community Organizer Barack Hussein Obama. What seems to be the problem?

Well, I’ve just returned from 3 ½ weeks in a foreign Latin country and believe me, there’s no place like home, right here in the good ole “evil” U.S.A. The person who wrings his hands and complain that our country is racist, out of touch, ignore poor people etc. is the same country that millions of people are dying to emigrate to, both legally and illegally. Until you see life from the vantage point of being in a different country for an extended period of time, you cannot, in good faith; bad mouth our democratic republic and have any credibility whatsoever.

The “Progressives” (the phrase becoming quite popular among the liberal left) say we are an uncaring, greedy, selfish people, but who is the first in line to offer and give support and aid to people or countries who need help after a huge calamity? Who gives foreign aid to countries who continually vote against it in the U.N.? What country (up until the present administration) gives every individual the opportunity to be a success in life if he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity? What countries “poor” would be considered middle-class in most countries in the world today (remember that picture of Michelle Obama helping out in a community soup kitchen while one of the recipients, of that largesse offered to the poor, was taking her picture on his $300 “Blackberry”?). You guessed it, that country is the good ole U.S.A. and still the detractors continue to vilify our country while championing other oppressive countries like Venezuela, Cuba etc. There seems to be a vast disconnect there as to what they are saying and what the real facts are.

Now, in our infinite wisdom, we want to stifle the greatest country in the world, the U.S.A., by giving to the government to operate what should be left up to the individual to supply to his fellow man. Instead of the government offering a “safety net” for people in need, the “progressives” want to take away that entrepreneurial spirit and arbitrarily take from the producers to give to the non-producers (by tax policies or by decree). What a way to throw a monkey wrench into the workings of the greatest, up until now, democratic republic man has brought forth in this world. Let’s hope the naysayer, the belittlers, the envious do-nothings don’t get to carry out the “total transformation” that they envision for our country.

We still have time, but we must be vigilant and support candidates to reverse this extremely dangerous policy change. We need to support and elect candidates like Lt. Col. Allen West and Marco Rubio right here in Florida. Both are young, energetic and carry with them the core conservative principles that our country needs to survive this socialist onslaught that the present administration is trying to ram down our throats. That’ll be the start of a good House and Mansion cleaning that is badly needed. Now let’s go and do it so we can continue to say “There’s No Place like Home”!

Written by Chuck Lehmann


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Richard Villani said...

What "poor" in the world have one or more T.V.'s, a family car, "bling" around their necks, fingers, and wrists, an apartment or home with A/C, heat and subsidized rent? That's right, the "poor" of the U.S.A. meet that criteria. The Democrats by offering "freebies" to our poor expect the freeloaders to continue to vote for them. Why not, the goodies are free, but in the end our country will be the poorer for this destructive policy. Vote for Ed Lynch in Fla.'s 19th C.D. to send a message to the Democrats.

Triple Net Lease said...

I see the same People (Progressives/Liberals) hammering our Country and then in the next breath ask for Money from us.
I support the comment above to support Ed Lynch.