Monday, June 8, 2009

Conservative Thought of the Week

There is nothing affirmative about "affirmative action" if you were passed over or denied a job, or denied a spot in a college freshman class, because of your race or gender. It really should be called "negative action" because you can't give somebody something unless you take it away from somebody else. "Affirmative action" by definition is a bad thing. It helps some people based on their race or gender and hurts or discriminates against others for the same reason. How Un-American is that?

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Frank said...

Affirmative action is wrong and it adds to discrimination by counting the number of minorities instead of worrying about the people who might be more qualified for the position.
Plus I thought The Messiah was going to UNITE everyone. It seems he is dividing us.

Anonymous said...

I, being a colored person, don't buy the argument for AA. I never have. I was raised in a multi-race household. I was taught to look beyond color and accept people based on who they are and how they treat you. We, as a nation, don't share that same philosophy and we probably never will. I don't run the country, the businesses, the schools, etc. But, if I did, I would ensure that every person who is qualified for a spot gets weighed by their merit. Gender and ethnic background would be irrelevant. In fact, they wouldn't even be questions on the application.