Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conservative Thought of the Week

"In war (as well as peace) we, as a country, have secrets to keep. When we fail to keep those secrets, soldiers die and innocent civilians are killed, our enemies are encouraged, our allies grow reluctant to share intelligence with us, and our own intelligence agencies worry about the danger of sharing information from their top sources. We, the American people, are the one's betrayed, thanks, in part, to the Obama Administration and their shameless release of the interrogation papers which were classified as "Top-Secret". It seems that political expediency trumps national security, again, in the affairs of this administration. The old WWII slogan of, "Loose lips sink ships" certainly does apply in this matter."
Submitted by Chuck Lehmann
Chuck on the Right Side

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Sal said...

The Obama showed a disdain for the US Military all through his life before being President. It is not as if one “flips a switch” and all of a sudden they are willing to support our Military. Soldiers give their lives so B. Hussein Obama has the right to organize a Community. Or does ACORN help one to organize a community?

Pamela said...

Obama scolds us and demands we show "respect" to jihad. Why doesn't Obama give a tenth of the respect he gives to Islam, to his own country, America and our military?

Thomas said...

Apparently, Obama views himself more as the president of the 57 Arab League states versus the 50 US states.

yahoogirl said...

Who dislikes the CIA more: Pelosi who calls them LIARS or Obama who calls them THUGS?
Sdaly Pelosi/Obama have the same feelings towards our own Military.
Talk about loose lips, these power-hungry liberals will destroy our country from within.