Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Land Fill Called Hollywood

While president elect Donald Trump is formulating
plans to drain the swamp in the nation's capitol, I
wonder if the EPA is aware of the land fill area on
the west coast called Hollywood, that's starting to
overflow with smelly celebrities?

It is poisoning children and programing intelligence
deficient liberals with their garbage. The stench is
permeating the rest of the country by friendly media
sources that are among the smelly things in the land

These narcissists become less entertaining and more
annoying anytime they open their mouth to expose
their ignorance about real life, and laughable when
espousing their views on politics. As if anybody cares.
A few of them climbed out of the land fill and are trying
to overturn the election results by pleading with
members of the electoral college, to forego traditional
pledges to their state to confirm the results of the election
for Donald J. Trump and vote against him.

I guess the Broadway musical, "Hamilton" has over-
whelmed their senses to act out the libretto, where
Alexander Hamilton tried to block the legitimacy of
John Adams's presidency. And the cast of this musical,
inappropriately took time out to lecture vice president
elect Mike Pence in attendance, at the end of the

Few in Hollywood have avoided falling into the land fill,
but forced to live in the stench with the "idotsyncrasies"
(dumb quirks) of their neighbors, by showing some class
and humility and not being so impressed with themselves.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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