Sunday, December 27, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

STOP mis-using my White House!   
Now Children, primarily you children in the media, including White House spokes blokes, we’ve gone over this material before - - several times as a matter of fact.  So please pay attention as I attempt to ‘splain it to you, one more time.
STOP reporting that the White House this and the White House that.  The White House is a building; it cannot take action, it cannot think, it cannot speak, it cannot communicate in any way, shape or form.  Got it?  It’s a building made of brick and mortar that has been painted white. So, STOP attributing official statements to its masonry.  Quite the opposite of its current occupant, the building itself is mute.
We all know – that is, those of us who learned U. S. History in grade school know, that under the stewardship of several Presidents, i.e., Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, Warren Harding and more recently, Richard M. Nixon, this  stately Executive Mansion has suffered all manner of indignities.  Since Barack Hussein Obama and his band of uncouth minions have occupied ‘The People’s House’, it has been degraded noticeably and has fallen into a state of intentional disrespect by its occupants – the President and First Family.  It has been treated more shabbily than a trailer park on the wrong side of town.  It’s traditions and inherent dignity have been dismantled, swept out and replaced with Southside street rappers and a Chicago-style hip-hop culture that is nothing more and nothing less, than lightly-disguised thuggery, all dressed up like pimps & street-walkers.
Hence, when news anchors and official communiques make pronouncements and attribute them to, ‘The White House’ – let’s not be fooled, People  – every word of every report that emanates from the Mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D. C., originates from the President & Incompetent-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.  To paraphrase BHO as if he were speaking to The White House, “You didn’t say that”.   Buildings can’t take action, they can’t think or speak.  
So puleez, STOP mis-using my White House.
                                                                                                     MORT KUFF   © 10-31-2015

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Al Garfinkle said...

I'm surprised that our "racist"president hasn't issued an executive order declaring that the White House from now on be called the Black House. It would be only fitting and proper that the name change be made by the most race neutral president in our history (NOT).