Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Ferris Wheel Travels Nowhere

Will the 114th congressional session finally put an end to the vicious
partisan cycle we've been subjected to by the present administration?

The mid-term elections has freed it from the bondage the 113th was held in
by the previous sessions, with the inept Senate leadership of Harry Reid, who
acted as point guard for the President, in order for him to finance his many
executive orders; bypassing Congress and not having to use his veto powers.

To execute an order, the President must issue executive orders to raise taxes
on the working class and businesses. In order for companies to maintain a
profit margin and compensate for the increased tax burden, they are forced
to raise the price of their products or services, effecting the consumer's

Because the poor are hit the hardest, the President will bypass Congress to
 issue another executive order to subsidize the poor. In order to pay for the
subsidies, he has to issue another executive order for more taxes. In turn,
companies will raise their prices.................etc, etc. Obamanomics is a dog
chasing its tail.

Resources for revenue are not endless to keep fueling perpetual motion, so an
end will always come. It's just a matter of which generation gets caught without
 a seat in Obama's musical chairs.

Will the 114th stop the political Ferris Wheel so we can get off?

Contributed by George Giftos

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1 comment:

Willie Cadegis said...

Remember when the Democrats were complaining that the Republican controlled Congress was a do-nothing Congress, well they forgot to mention the Senate contolled by Harry Reid who bottled up over 400 bills, passed by the House, and wouldn't let a vote be held, for purely political purposes. Now the Democrats and Obama have to put up or shut up by giving a "├┐ea""or"nay" to the various bills passed in the House. We'll see who the real obstructionists are now.