Sunday, May 11, 2014

MORT's meanderings

I was wrong all that time.
For years and years, I labored under the misapprehension that nobody could be either right all the time, or wrong all the time.  Now, it looks as if I was wrong all that time.  
After nearly a hundred years of the Democrat Progressives salivating about enacting every wet dream of their Socialist ideology since Woodrow Wilson was a pup, Obama successfully accomplished that ignominious feat.  His plan of hoped-for change that featured 're-distribution' of wealth from successful citizens to the less successful, less fortunate, lower- income citizens, was accomplished with the help of Democorrupt Congressional  leaders, Pelosi and Reid.  When they jammed the ObamaCare bill through both branches of the Legislature overnight - without a single Member having read the thousands of pages of Socialist ideology, gobbledy-gook, pitfalls & tax traps - and without one single Republican voting in favor of this Democrat power-grab, the dirty deed was done.  
Barack Hussein Obama and his army of Something-for Nothing, anti-Constitution, anti-American, anti- free-enterprise enablers had poisoned  the Nation's supply of drinking water. In one fell swoop, the future of the best health care system in the world was destroyed.  Our economy was pole-axed.  Our Liberty and personal freedoms were hi-jacked.  Our Legislature was neutralized and rendered impotent.  And, our future was handed over to the control of one tyrannical, despotic Marxist- Muslim miscreant president who at his core, despises the principles of government so nobly established by our Founding Fathers.  And finally, when the Chief Justice of The Supreme Court issued his tortured interpretation of the legality of this atrocity against America's citizenry, we knew we'd been had - and had in a very bad way.
So, I was wrong about nobody being wrong-all-the- time.  This president, the enablers in his administration and the entirety of Democorrupt-Progressive-ultra-Left enablers are  All Wrong, All the Time   24/7 - 365.   Facts don't lie but, this president does.


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Franklin Stetson said...

In Obama's America, he doesn't just welcome the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses, he creates them. Can you imagine that we, the American people, elected this fraud twice, even after he intimated that he was going to destroy our system of government (he called it a "total transformation"). Are we stupid, or what? The answer is YES.