Thursday, November 24, 2011

MORT’s Meanderings


For those who might not be familiar with these acronyms, let me ‘splain:

POTUS=President of the United States. MIA=Missing In Action

BHO (that would be Barack Hussein Obama) has been doing his ‘Now you see him; now you
don’t’ act, again. This time he disappeared while the House of Representatives was
stumbling, bumbling and fumbling in yet, another embarrassingly disgusting farce. They blatantly abandoned their collective duty and foisted the task of cutting $1.4 trillion in bloated spending, onto a DOA (Dead On Arrival) Super-Committee comprised of their most partisan colleagues.

The spokes-boob for the President excused Obama’s absence as, the POTUS merely
acquiescing to the suggestion by the House of Representatives that he ‘leave it to them’ to handle this job. Nice try Guys. Our Dodger-in-Chief has gone from avoiding any commitment by voting ‘Present’ as he often did when he was a Senator - to avoiding any responsibility for leadership by being ‘Missing In Action’, now that he is the POTUS.

This President’s priorities are quite obvious. A trip to Hawaii and then dashing across the Pacific to hob-nob with a few of the more despotic leaders of Asia, takes precedent over His Royal Highness actually becoming personally involved in the resolution of any of this nation’s pressing situations – even those that have reached critical mass.

What so many of our citizens fail to remember is that this Federal Government is still comprised of three main branches of government: The Legislative Branch (The Senate and The House of Representatives), the Judicial Branch (The Supreme Court) and the Administrative Branch (King & Potentate-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama – mm-mm).

By the way, has anyone ever had a more elegant ‘get-out-of-town’ chariot than the
mighty Air Force One? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and
the Wright Brothers must be spinning in their graves.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Walter Buckley said...

Barack "Insane" Obama and his wife Moochelle, love the trappings of the Office of President, but don't like the resposibilities that go with the job. He is very seldom in the White House being "President", as he goes on one campaign trip after another and one vacation after another, in between golf outings and concerts in the White House. They both are milking us taxpayers dry with their extravagance. It has to end in Nov. 2012 or we're doomed as a nation.

West Palm Beach Insurance said...

Vacations in expensive settings, seperate planes? Spend our Money that we don't have and then attack wealthy People.