Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Letter to Professor Watson

Dear Professor Watson:

Shame on you, the “ unbiased” professor of American Studies at Lynn University, Robert Watson. Once again, you showed your unbridled animus toward now ex-president George W. Bush, by making comments, not very gracious comments in the S/S on Jan. 21, that denigrate him and his administration. Using the hackneyed term “ lies”, which is part of the usual lexicon for liberals describing Pres. Bush and the Republicans, showed total shallowness and disrespect for the man you disagree with philosophically.

As a so-called “ historian”, you violate all the concepts as to what a true historian should be. Politicians should never be “historically” judged, while still in office or immediately thereafter, because no one knows how his policies, which were enacted while in office, will work out after a period of time has elapsed after leaving office. You have constantly, over the past few years, claimed that Pres. Bush was the “ worst” president. As an historian, you have the right and duty to criticize or praise a sitting president, but, professionally, you don’t have the right to spread false and malicious statements about him and his policies to further your partisan agenda.

You are the poster child for what academia should not be, but is. A gaggle of ultra-liberal “ Woodstock Wusses”, who try to brain-wash a gullible public into believing that your socialist agenda is the way to go.
Shame on you, once again, for being the total ingrate that you are. You are totally irrelevant.


Chuck Lehmann
"Chuck on the Right Side"


Anonymous said...

He is just a sample of Pawns, littering our Colleges with trash. He is probably a tenure, do-nothing guy who thinks Obama will save the world.

Anonymous said...

Look at what these so-called Professors did to Tom Tancredo. They egged on these idiot students. Where is the Freedom of Speech for a Conservative??? Would this be a RACE issue if Tom Tancredo was different?