Sunday, November 9, 2008

“Audacity of Hype”

Dear Friends and Fellow Republicans:

The “ Audacity of Hype” has won the day with an empty message of “ change”. The Republicans, instead of putting forth a political agenda of conservative values and principles, tried to cater their message to the masses by becoming “ Democrat-Lite”, thinking that would woo some Democrats and Independents. It looks like it did just the opposite, and, in addition, lost many conservatives in the process, as well it should have. The Republican party has lost it’s way and only an infusion of rock-solid conservative principles and strong conservative candidates can alter the decline.
The disgraceful performance of the heads of the Republican party of Florida, including our “ wimp” of a Governor ( a personal friend of Robert “ Weasel” Wexler), who ignored the Congressional race of Allen West ( and also Edward Lynch), who, being an unknown 10 months ago, came within a few points of toppling an obscenely well financed first-term incumbent. Republicans don’t win elections by becoming pseudo-Democrats and by abandoning the conservative principles of Ronald Reagan.
We need another Newt Gingrich and his “ Contract With America” to come to the assistance of us lonely conservatives. Our hero, Allen West, is the go-to guy we need to lead the party back to its conservative roots and away from the destructive influence of the RINO’s ( Republicans in Name Only).
Let’s start as soon as possible to right the ship before it sinks totally out of sight. If the Congress continues to do what it did the past two years, which was nothing, a candidate like Allen West could step in to fill the void, without any albatross around his neck like a polarizing President and a weak presidential candidate, he would have a better than even chance to bring that seat back to the G.O.P. and to give us frustrated Republicans a chance to regain our sanity.
Now, let’s go do the right thing.

Chuck Lehmann
"Chuck on the Right Side"

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